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Who Killed Sara? has been one of the biggest hits on Netflix this year.

The Mexican drama has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, and with Who Killed Sara? Season 2 coming to Netflix tomorrow (May 19), we got the opportunity to chat with Alejandro Nones.

Nones plays Rodolfo Lazcano, the son of the villainous Cesar Lazcano.

Rodolfo spent the first chunk of Who Killed Sara? Season 1 in the frame for the titular murder, but with all of the revelations coming to light, he's no longer deemed a suspect.

Nones revealed that working with Netflix was something important to him when it came to picking the role and that the script attracted him to playing the character of Rodolpho.

"I see how deep Rodolfo is. He's been suffering for so long. So as an actor to play a character like this, it was amazing to me," he shared, adding that it's not every day you get to play such a multi-layered character.

At the beginning of Who Killed Sara? Season 1, Alex strongly believed Rodolfo was responsible for his sister's death, but they ultimately realized they were working on the same team.

Alex and Rodolfo were best friends until Sara was murdered, but now that they're essentially working on the same team, could their friendship return?

"I hope so. I think it's not gonna be easy for Alex," Alejandro shares, noting that it won't be easy for Rodolfo either.

"I hope they can reconnect, forget and give that important friendship a second chance."

Rodolfo's life imploded when he realized his wife had been having an affair with his father and was carrying his baby.

"I can tell you that the relationship with the wife is never going to be the same. I don't think it was a great relationship," the actor said before teasing that Rodolfo could be harboring more secrets than we were first aware of.

"So let's see what's going to happen in the second season."

The first season finale found Alex digging up human remains, but we didn't confirm whether it was Sara or someone else entirely.

While Alejandro could not confirm the identity of the human remains, he did offer the following.

"What I can say is everything we think is in one way, because of the first season, maybe it's going to change on the second season for Rodolfo and a lot of the characters."

"We got to really figure out who Sarah was. Sarah was probably not who we thought she was, and that's going to happen with a lot of the characters."

As for what Who Killed Sara? Season 2 has in store for Rodolfo, Alejandro teased that he will change a lot.

"I think he's trying to live his own life."

Alejandro says that Rodolfo is trying to have more control of his life.

"From the inside, and that's going to show up from the outside too," he said of the changes.

As the first season concluded, mysteries surrounding the Lazcano family were blown wide open.

The actor feels like it will change the family considerably, but he thinks it could bring them closer together or further apart.

Alejandro says the cast is not ruling out a third season with the second season fast approaching, but that it would all come down to the reaction to the second season.

The actor was hard at work filming a new role when we chatted, and he teased that he's getting to do things he hasn't as an actor.

Details of the project are still under wraps.

Have a look at the trailer for Who Killed Sara? Season 2, and watch it in its entirety on May 19, only on Netflix.

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