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Fear takes a chilling new form!

FX on Hulu has dropped the first full-length teaser for the forthcoming American Horror Story spinoff, American Horror Stories, and we're already terrified.

The clip follows a rubber woman on a trip through some of the most pivotal locations in franchise history, but what does it mean?

Will this hourlong anthology take us back to some of these locations to unlock new horrors, or was this merely a way to tip the hat to the past?

There is still much we don't know about this series, but hey, a little mystery as the premiere approaches is not a bad thing.

If you watch American Horror Story online, you know many past seasons have been kept well under wraps until transmission.

FX also dropped two posters that show the rubber woman, and in one of them, it looks like she's headed to the iconic Murder House from American Horror Story Season 1.

Ryan Murphy also teased the series on social media on Wednesday, confirming that “every episode brings you a different nightmare.”

Spooky, right?

The spinoff will premiere exclusively on Hulu on July 15.

Murphy recently revealed that Kevin McHale, Dyllón Burnside, Charles Melton, and Nico Greetham would star in the series.

Whether that means they will be playing different characters across the season, or if it will be a one-episode thing, we don't know.

Like we said, so much mystery!

Sarah Paulson is also attached as director.

The franchise mainstay has appeared in several seasons of the original series, so it's nice to know she will be involved.

Paulson is set to star in the forthcoming American Horror Story: Double Feature, the latest season of the main series.

That is set to premiere on FX Wednesday, August 25.

Check out the new clip below and hit the comments with your theories!

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