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The future isn't looking too bright for the Charmed Ones or the entire world.

Maggie had a vision of the bleak future on Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 15, and she decided that she and Macy would have to go there if they were to get more answers.

Unfortunately, their little getaway to Seattle in 2026 left them and the audience with more questions than answers.

I was worried that the Tomb of Chaos and the Perfecti storyline was done with after Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 14, but my worries were short-lived.

Although they briefly mentioned the Tomb, it's obvious that it will play a big part in creating the magical plague. Perhaps some of its creatures will escape and spread the deadly disease throughout the magical community?

Whatever the case may be, it's a good thing that the Tomb is still at play as we near the end of Charmed (2018) Season 3. It would have made no sense to drop that plot altogether and introduce a new one.

Macy: You were right.
Maggie: The world is officially over.

The progression from the proposed end of the Tomb of Chaos story to this threat in the future still didn't feel very natural. It would have been great if, at this point, we knew more about how it factored into the magical plague.

There is hope that it will all make sense in the end, though. And for it to, the Perfecti should return. They were too interesting of villains to only appear on a few episodes.

The Perfecti warned the Charmed Ones that there was a greater evil than them that they needed to worry about, and they were right.

There is something in the Tomb of Chaos or related to the Tomb that causes this plague in the future. The plague infects people and turns them into "whispering evil."

They are basically Charmed (2018)'s version of zombies.

Maggie: I finally got a vision of the future.
Mel: And?
Maggie: And we have to go there. Now. Or there won't be one.

It's definitely a cool direction for the show to go in, but it's hard not to laugh at the fact that they are either intentionally or unintentionally pulling it from the zombie genre.

One would hope that there would be more of a magical take on these zombies besides the fact that the disease only infects magical beings, but there is still a lot we do not know.

Why do the Infected make a clicking sound? Are they aware of their actions? Is there any hope to stop them? We need answers!

And there has to be another twist to this story other than the fact that zombies are taking over the world in the future.

Harry: I want to talk to Macy.
Celeste: Macy's busy.
Harry: You're not the boss of me. I can take care of myself.
Celeste: Can you? Because currently, you're behaving like a child.
Harry: Ughhhhh.

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So far, I am cautiously intrigued about this new development to the season. There's no doubt that Macy, Mel, and Maggie will be able to change their doomed future, but the road to get there is unknown.

There needs to be more surprising reveals about this threat that leaves our jaws hanging. Otherwise, it will be a disappointing end to a season that has been pretty great so far.

While Macy and Maggie dealt with their future struggles, Mel and Harry concerned themselves with their present problems.

It was difficult to jump onboard the Mel pregnancy train because it didn't feel like a natural progression to her individual story or the show's overarching story.

I forgot how utterly exhausting it is to be mortal.


The only two reasons it came to be were the actress's real-life pregnancy and the shock factor. Those aren't very good reasons to introduce the pregnancy.

However, it looks like this new baby might be the answer to the Charmed Ones' magical allergy.

Mel believes that the baby is why she and Ruby can touch again, but there's no evidence to back that theory.

Yes, once the baby arrived, Mel and Ruby were suddenly able to come within six feet of one another, but how could that be? Does the baby have some magical power that nulls the side effects of allergies?

Right now, it feels like the show is making stuff up as they go instead of letting the story guide them naturally.

Mel's pregnancy has just been too convenient for Charmed (2018). It's providing a solution for the allergy, and it's somehow bringing Mel and Ruby closer.

I will admit that Mel and Ruby are growing on me as a couple. They obviously care for one another tremendously, and they make quite the power couple when they work together as witches.

Harry continued to experience side effects from his journey to mortality. This time, they were thanks to Georgie, Harry's descendent.

Rupert Evans was brilliant as Harry hilariously regressed into his childhood. He went from toddler-like antics to teenage angst seamlessly, and the humor that raised from it was a much-needed break from the darkness of the hour.

This is one thing that Charmed (2018) has gotten good at over the years, balancing the dramatic moments with the comedic ones. It's always a welcome change of pace since the nature of the show calls for dark topics.

Celeste: Well, from here on in, I'll have your cooperation? Wherever you are in your development cycle.
Harry: Well, I'm feeling in the eighteen to twenty-one range, which is old enough to start to feel badly for the trouble I've caused.

Thankfully, these side effects weren't a cause for concern in regards to Harry's health. But it sounds as if they are far from over.

Harry still has a lot to go through to gain his mortality, and he's going to need to be careful not to overdo it when it comes to how much he exerts himself.

What did you think, Charmed Fanatics?

Are you intrigued about this magical plague and the whispering evil? Does the Mel pregnancy storyline make sense to you? Will Harry actually be mortal by the end of the season?

And who was the Infected who appeared at the end of the hour?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Charmed (2018) online right here via TV Fanatic!

Charmed (2018) airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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