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It's Lani and Eli's anniversary... and Eli has a secret!

Considering how often Eli wanders around his apartment naked when Chanel is alone with him, I wouldn't blame Lani for suspecting he and her cousin are having an affair.

But considering how solid this couple is, Eli's rigid adherence to the rules, and his disdain for Chanel, my guess is that on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-28-21, he's planning a surprise party.

That's not the only secret the Carver family is facing, though.

Lani is supposed to get shocking news, and later in the week, she's going to confront Paulina.

Theo is back in town for a special occasion, too, most likely the anniversary party, and he may have info gleaned from his previous relationship with Chanel.

Meanwhile, who IS that kissing Abe in the spoiler video?

The moment goes by fast and is sandwiched between a long-awaited Philip/Chloe kiss and Sami making the destructive decision to go to bed with her former rapist.

But the person Abe is kissing looks far too young to be Paulina. In fact, she resembles the original actress who played Valerie back in the 1970s.

Could this be a flashback as Abe contemplates his relationship with Paulina? It's highly unlikely that he's kissing Chanel, who is the only current Black character that age.

There's plenty of other romance and intrigue on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-28-21, too. Read on for the full scoop!

Kate drops a bomb on Gabi and Jake.

This already started to happen, as Kate voted to oust Jake from Dimera Enterprises!

When Jake confronts her, she'll probably confess all: her fake blindness and amnesia, her pretending to forgive him, and her desire for revenge.

No one does vengeance like Kate Roberts, so get the popcorn ready.

Ava helps Nicole get closer to the truth.

I love Ava and Nicole's friendship, but I don't like Sami and Nicole minding each other's business.

If it results in Nicole pushing Sami and Lucas closer together, it's forgivable, but honestly, both of these women have better things to do than prove the other one had an affair.

If Rafe gets wind of this, he will probably try to talk Nicole out of it, just like Lucas talked Sami down from her crazy plan a few weeks ago.

Sami and Lucas argue about EJ.

This isn't exactly a spoiler. Sami and Lucas have had this argument at least a billion times since EJ returned to reassert his control over Sami.

It would be nice if Lucas got through to Sami one of these days, but he's going to end up frustrated for right now.

Could he do some scheming of his own to win Sami back? Like... pretending to be into Nicole to make Sami jealous?

Eli keeps a secret from Lani.

As discussed above, Eli is Salem's straightest shooter, except maybe for Abe.

So this secret can't be anything nefarious. After all, the guy who went ballistic at Lani sneaking Kristen out of town isn't going to do anything questionable behind her back!

Most likely, he's planning a surprise party and/or getting Theo back to town, but Lani probably won't think so until it's almost too late.

Lani confronts Paulina about what she's keeping from Abe.

Paulina's been mumbling about her guilt and refusing to look the plaque of Tom and Alice in the eye for long enough, so it's beyond time for it to come out.

Whatever it is, Lani isn't happy about it, so it has to be something that'll deeply hurt Abe.

According to spoilers, Allie will also be comforting an upset Chanel, so will Paulina pull the rug out from under her daughter just as the bakery is set to open?

Torn between Philip and Brady, Chloe seeks counsel from Belle.

Belle doesn't seem like the best person to go to for advice about this.

Brady is her half-brother, while Philip is the ex she cheated on Shawn with... more than once.

Chloe would likely be better off going to Nicole... or writing to an advice columnist.

Rafe receives advice about his love life from an unlikely source.

I wonder if Lucas'll have something to say. He and Rafe seem to be friends now that they have a common enemy to focus on.

Or will we get a one-sided phone call from Hope, who STILL hasn't been recast? And let's hope that this isn't a dream sequence full of advice from Duke the Bear!

Claire and Allie find a dead body in the lake!

This would be a much more exciting spoiler if we didn't already know who died and why.

The body in the lake will be Snyder's, of course, putting Tripp on the suspect list for a murder mere months after he was accused of killing Charlie.

The only question here is whether Snyder will ultimately turn out to have miraculously survived being thrown in the lake, making this redux of the Nick in the river story complete.

Gwen finally confides in Xander.


She doesn't have a choice, I guess. Xander needs to know all so they can craft a cover story.

But this appears to be going in the direction of these two bonding over bad behavior and discovering they are soulmates. Yuck.

Lani and Eli's anniversary party is interrupted by shocking news.

Considering that Theo is returning to Salem, the news is likely that he's back.

Or could it be that Abe and Paulina are already engaged after one date?

Abe doesn't usually move that fast, but if this causes extra drama, thanks to Paulina's secret, the writers will have no problem going there anyway.

Theo returns for a special occasion.

Theo can only be returning for Lani and Eli's anniversary party.

Too bad he isn't bringing JJ with him.

I'd like to know how JJ likes living with Theo and Ciara, but he has gone into the black hole of off-screen and therefore forgotten characters.

Gwen is put in the hot seat.

Gwen's dealing with Eli, who is usually Salem's only smart cop.

Will he suddenly turn stupid for the sake of this story, or will Gwen end up telling all?

It could be interesting for Eli to sympathize with Gwen after the big deal he made out of Lani looking the other way on Kristen's many crimes.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! What are you most looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-28-21?

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