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You didn't think it would be easy, did you, fellow Lumi fans?

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video for the week of 6-07-21 is dedicated to Lucas and Sami's long relationship. It has everything a Lumi fan could want: flashbacks, declarations of love, and Lucas pushing for a second chance.

But there is one huge monkey wrench about to be thrown in their plans: EJ returning.

This might not be terrible news. After all, if Lumi IS endgame, the EJ problem has to be dealt with in some way or another.

And lately, Sami has been talking more like she's scared of EJ than like she's in love with him.

Obviously, she's not going to slam the door in his face when he knocks on it, but maybe she'll come to a similar realization about him as Brady did about Kristen.

Hopefully, anyway.

A new actor is also taking over the role of EJ.

I still wish that Paul Tefler's Xander would have turned out to be EJ with a case of amnesia, as his Scottish accent and general personality are so similar to EJ's, but I'm more than willing to give Dan Feuerriegel a chance to make the role his own.

I hope EJ fans will, too.

Sometimes viewers are quick to reject a new actor taking over when they consider the original actor to be the "real" character, and that's a shame because some fine actors have taken over roles in recent years (e.g., Greg Vaughan, Kassie de Paiva, Stacy Haiduk, and most recently Linda Dano.)

Anyway, even though I am a Lumi fan through and through, I like EJ as a Dimera villain... just stay away from Sami, please. (Spoiler alert: he won't.)

EJ can be diabolical and devious when he wants to be, and it's always fun when he tries to pull the rug out from under his brothers or try to pull a fast one with the authorities.

It could also be fun if Susan returns to visit her son or if Andre somehow turns out to be alive too! EJ vs. Andre is always entertaining.

Not excited about EJ's return? That's okay. We have seven spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the short week of 6-07-21. Please scroll down to check them all out!

Ava and Sami have a tense face-off.

I'm not sure what this is about.

Most likely, Sami agrees with Gabi that Ava should keep her hands off Rafe, but it could also be that Ava refuses to tell Sami whether Nicole slept with Xander.

For some reason, Sami has decided that proving that Nicole cheated on Eric is her top priority and will not let it go no matter what, so could her face-off with Ava be related to that?

Rafe presses Nicole for answers about Xander.

The most irritating thing about this is that Nicole has no real reason to keep this secret from Rafe.

He's not the one she cheated on, but she's sure acting like it.

I'm all for Rafe and Nicole spending time together, but Rafe interrogating her about why she was in Xander's hotel room is not my idea of a good time!

Paulina struggles to hide her ulterior motives from Abe.

I wish they'd just made this an honest story about a Black woman trying to encourage diversity in her community.

Instead, Paulina has secrets and appears to be using claims of wanting to combat racism to disguise whatever it is she's really doing!

Plus, Abe is probably going to fall for her, only to discover she's a liar. Abe is one of my favorite characters, and I'm not looking forward to him getting his heart broken.

Tripp tips off Kayla about Dr. Snyder and Gwen.

Good. The sooner Snyder is found out, the better.

Salem's worst doctor hasn't done a great job hiding his incompetence or his abusive streak from anyone.

So hopefully, Kayla will take Tripp's concerns seriously, and Snyder will soon be on his way out the door.

EJ DiMera returns to Salem.

Of course, he does.

I'm curious about how Dan Feuerriegel will approach the role, and I'm mildly excited for EJ to interact with Jake, Chad, and Tony (if Tony ever makes another appearance.)

But I thought Sami felt burdened by having to take care of a severely disabled EJ, so is Days of Our Lives going to explain his miraculous recovery?

Lucas suggests to Sami they give their relationship another shot.

If I were Sami, I'd jump at the chance and literally slam the door closed and lock it when EJ comes calling.

But that would be too easy.

Sami will be conflicted, and Lucas will have to demonstrate that he's the man that's best for her. I'm down for that.

Nicole contemplates confessing her one-night stand to Eric.

Do it, Nicole! End this ridiculous story -- and the relationship with Eric, which has been going nowhere for months.

But again, this is likely too easy, and Nicole will probably write a letter and then burn it. Ugh.

After all, according to the summer spoiler video, Eric is supposed to return, so Days of Our Lives will probably go for the tried-and-true storyline about Eric and Nicole reconciling, only to be torn apart when Eric learns Nicole cheated on him.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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