It's beginning to look a lot like love again for Stephanie!

Well, maybe not love, but she's sure falling into a little something with her French teacher, Sean.

We have an exclusive clip for you from Good Witch Season 7 Episode 4 that finds Stephanie taking up speed dating.

Here's a little spoiler for you!

When Stephanie hosts a speed dating night at the bistro, she's short one female.

Guess who winds up in the empty chair?

We're betting she's going to be very surprised that they have so much in common.

Elsewhere on the episode, when Joy discovers a prized possession while helping Martha with her home renovations, together, they decide to revive the Middleton Exchange.

Years earlier, the Middle Exchange was a fun tradition in which everyone contributed a personal item that had served its purpose for them.

As if by magic, those on the receiving end discover that someone else's item comes to them when they need it the most.

It sounds fun, but on Good Witch, there are likely to be a few puzzles along the way!

Sam finds himself in an unenviable position when he's scheduled to perform surgery on a superstar basketball player.

When he takes a little time to enjoy the sport himself, he finds himself sidelined from all surgical procedures when he's injured.

Fear not, though, as a talk with Cassie will lead to an epiphany that could save the day and keep the hospital from a PR nightmare!

Meanwhile, Abigail and Donovan (Bendavid) realize they may have different ideas about marriage.

We knew that with all of their focus on ending the Merriwick-Davenport curse that they'd miss out on a thing or two.

Now's the time that they discover some of their differences, but the good news is that with Adam back from his mission, he offers counseling for the soon-to-be-married couple.

And you're going to love this!

Middleton sees double when Martha’s lookalike cousin Maxine, with whom she hasn’t spoken in years, pays a visit.

If you're wondering why you have never heard of her before, it's because an old family dispute has kept them from each other for far too long.

But the miracle of birth puts them into each other's orbit again!

You can expect that family dispute to be put to rest in an unexpected way.

And we have more news about Joy!

As Joy and Zoey get to know each other, they begin to open up about past losses that help bring them closer together.

Does that mean their romance will flourish?

We can't wait to find out. In the meantime, check out the clip.

And as always, be sure to visit TV Fanatic after Good Witch airs on Sunday for a full review of the episode!



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