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It amazes me that Matt Lisko, someone who watched as his best friend was abducted as a child, allows his young daughter to wander all over Erie Harbor on her bike without any supervision or even without knowing where she's headed or when she'll return.

But I suppose if he were a more cautious parent, we wouldn't have much of a series.

On  Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 3, Hilde and her friends were on the hunt for answers about the dead fish at the Pinewood Pond, and although they were answered, it wasn't one that Hilde trusts.

Some might say Hilde was paranoid, but it's difficult to argue with her premise that no town ever moves that quickly to clean up anything. 

If a company moves that fast, it's likely because they have something to hide.

And we're assuming the mysterious "corporate sponsor" is Wott Management which bodes well for no one. Let's just say I wouldn't be keen on eating anything that comes out of that community garden. 

I was a little surprised that Hilde wasn't quicker at testing the water, but then again, I have to remind myself that she's a kid, even though she's more competent and generally better prepared than most adults. 

The fence around the pond was foreboding enough, but the guard dogs seemed like overkill.

And did no one care that the contaminated water would make the dogs sick too? Guard dogs are generally pretty smart, but I don't think they'll listen all that well when you tell them not to drink the water.

But Hilde experienced more than one heartbreak over this investigation. 

The first was realizing that her obsession with finding Richie Fife had her seeing him when he wasn't there. She's convinced herself that Richie is a part of the poison pond mystery even though the evidence doesn't bear that out. 

We all have a bias, you know. We’ve just got to check it as we go. That’s why it’s so important you’ve got to stick to the evidence cause that’s what’s going to lead you to the truth.


Matt is such a good dad. He talks things through with Hilde where other parents might just shut her down. It's easy to see why they have such a strong bond. He not only loves his daughter, he understands her too. 

The second blow came when she realized that the pond was gone and she'd never get to test the water.

They didn’t just clean the pond; they made it disappear.


Was it really toxic algae that killed the birds and fish? I don't blame Hilde for being skeptical. As I said before, no one moves that fast to clean up something that wasn't their fault. 

Could a toxic substance have caused her grandfather's mental decline? Possibly, but it's a long shot. Still, I can understand wanting to know for sure. Hilde felt like she personally failed her grandfather. That, and the loss of hope that really crushed Hilde's spirit. 

But Hilde wasn't the only one having a difficult time. It turns out Izzy did more than just drink at that sleepover.

She and Jessica egged the school. Like Kim said, it's not the end of the world, but it needed to be addressed. Unfortunately, it uncovered a bigger problem for Jessica, who already gets black-out drunk at the ripe old age of sixteen. 

I'd guess her "boarding school" is also some sort of a rehab center for teens, and it sounds like Jessica needs the help. On the upside, she seems open to getting it. 

But for Izzy, this was another tough blow. Ethan is gone. Now Jessica is gone. And despite Jessica's compliment, it's hard to feel all alone, especially at 14.

Izzy: Why were you so mean to me before?
Jessica: I don’t know. High school, I guess.
Izzy: You were just now becoming my only friend here too. God, what am I supposed to do now?
Jessica: Oh, come on. If I were you, I would have fully run away ages ago. You’re too cool for a place like Erie Harbor, Iz. And I mean that.

Bridget's plan to have Izzy be her intern was a good one. It allows her to keep an eye on Izzy, gives Izzy less free time to wallow, and has the added benefit of Izzy learning exactly how hard her mother works to help other people. I'm curious to see where that leads. 

Finally, Trip and Frank Jr. were both struggling with how to handle Frank Sr. 

Frank Jr. not wanting to see his father is understandable given the hell the man put him through over the years. He belittled his son and pushed him to lie to cover up a crime. Frank Jr. has no reason to trust his father. 

It was easy to assume that the brick thrown through Junior Johnson's window had something to do with Wott management, but Mr. Johnson knew there were other possibilities. 

It didn't surprise me that he'd suffered vandalism and attacks from racists in the past.

That Frank Jr had been oblivious to it was telling and probably pretty realistic. Even in a small town where everyone feels as though they know everything, race issues can get pushed aside and ignored. 

That Trip's own deputies would go after her father to send her a message was reprehensible. Not only that, it wasn't even effective given that Trip assumed it had to do with Wott Management and had nothing to do with her. 

So were they misogynists, racists, mean-spirited, or just plain dumb? Probably all of the above. 

That ex-Sheriff Briggs was willing to turn them in sent a message to Trip, the department, and his son. It doesn't make up for the sins of the past, but it's a step in the right direction, and it seemed to resonate with Frank Jr. 

But has the former Sheriff really turned over a new leaf? He's lost a lot. Sometimes that's a catalyst for change, but I'm not willing to put my faith in his better angels just yet. Time will tell. 

So what do you think, TV Fanatics?

Has Frank Sr. seen the light?

Was the pond water really contaminated with toxic algae?

And will anyone ever find out what happened to Richie Fife?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to share your thoughts, then check back in for my Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 4 review here at TV Fanatic. 

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