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We've got an exclusive first look at Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 3.

The clip features Sheriff Mackenzie 'Trip' Johnson (Aziza Scott) finally having a successful sit-down with former sheriff Frank Briggs, Sr. (Louis Herthum).

Trip has been having a hard time with her new role, as those under her command have remained loyal to Briggs, Sr.

But things have not been going well for the Briggs Senior and Junior, and it may well be the time that Senior does something to change that.

It's going to take a lot of work to prove to his son and others that Senior's ready to turn over a new leaf, though.

The catalyst for the scene you're about to watch is in response to the hounding that Trip's father has been taking in town.

As Hilde's investigation into the pond and the death surrounding it grows, Trip's father, Junior Johnson experiences some troubling vandalism to his property.

Frank Sr.'s visit to the Sheriff's office offers an explanation, and it's not what Trip was expecting.

This might seem like a small step for Frank Sr. to take in a direction to free himself of the heavy burdens of crime and corruption that lay at his feet, but it is a start.

His actions give Trip a leg up on her position and those who serve her, which comes none too soon for Trip's safety and that of the town she's sworn to protect.

Take a look at the clip now:

Home Before Dark is an Apple TV+ original series starring Jim Sturgess and Brooklynn Prince as Matt and Hilde Lisko, father and daughter investigative journalists who have planted a stake in Matt's hometown with their move to Erie Harbor, Washington.

Home Before Dark Season 1 explored Hilde's investigation into the abduction of her father's childhood friend, Richie Fife.

Home Before Dark Season 2 continues Hilde's hope to find justice for Richie and introduces a new mystery in Erie Harbor that involves local business Wott Management and ultimately hits very close to home for Hilde.

We're reviewing the entire season episode by episode, so be sure to return to TV Fanatic on Friday, June 25 after you watch the latest episode to talk all about it.

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