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Perhaps almost being killed may cause Lisey's eyes to be opened.

Sadly, that was still to be determined following Lisey's Story Season 1 Episode 4.

That's because while  Lisey accepted Scott's weirdness, she has repressed memories about conversations and events connected to it, for her own sanity.

Only now insanity reigned all around her. It wasn't just Scott anymore, or her mentally ill sister Amanda. Her biggest problem lately was Jim Dooley, Scott's psychotic superfan.

Lisey was discovering that Hamlet nailed it: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Scott's Bool hunt had been causing Lisey to open her mind. But that has been something fun, a way to stay in touch with Scott with the prize possibly being something that could help the catatonic Amanda.

There is nothing enjoyable about Dooley. He's dangerous strange, not kooky strange.

Dana DeHaan has been mesmerizing as Dooley. He's courteous and soft-spoken one minute, then explosively violent the next.

Thus far, Lisey had made the big mistake of not taking Dooley seriously, even after watching his online rant praising Scott on Lisey's Story Season 1 Episode 3.

Part of that was that the police gave little credence to Dooley. Also, Scott always had downplayed his crazy fans.

Mostly though, Lisey was wrapped up in her own stuff, between dealing with the reminders of Scott and the sister drama with Darla and the institutionalized Amanda.

The self-important Dooley frequently had been laughed at during his life so he was hypersensitive to what he perceived as Lisey's disrespect.

The plastic bag Dooley pulled over her head should have been enough to convince Lisey to take him seriously.

But no. She insisted on trying to intimidate, then reason with, a man who was sure that no one knew more about Scott Landon, especially his wife.

The violence that Dooley rained on Lisey was brutal since he was certain that psychological torture wasn't going to be enough to force her to donate Scott's papers.

What was most frightening was that Dooley was convinced that Lisey was hiding some secret unpublished works, beyond which he had already found, which she was never going to be able to produce.

To show his threat against Lisey's sisters had teeth, Dooley next drove to Amanda's house, showing his presence by leaving a dirty plate and a stack of Oreos.

To further make that point, Darla walked past a hidden Dooley as she collected items for Amanda. That handgun is bound to make an important appearance later.

Maybe Lisey was in shock but she failed to make an obvious connection. Why shouldn't she go use the healing waters of the pool in Boo'ya Moon?

For that water, is there any chance that her steaming pool is connected to the waters of Boo'ya Moon?

You would think Lisey would know. But she's only slowly retrieving her memories of visits to Boo'ya Moon.

From what we've seen of Boo'ya Moon, it doesn't appear to be all that inviting. And are the versions of Amanda and Scott who are there the real things or doubles?

When it comes to Boo'ya Moon, there are a lot more questions than answers. That's because no one involved is any kind of authority.

Scott came the closest. He was most comfortable with Boo'ya Moon since he and Paul had journeyed to the healing pool after their father cut Paul to let "the bad" out.

But Scott admitted his knowledge was spotty and involved too much guesswork.

Amanda only went to Boo'ya Moon when she was catatonic which makes her knowledge difficult to access.

That leaves Lisey, who up until now considers Boo'ya Moon an imaginary place.

Scott called her a natural when it comes to traveling to and from Boo'ya Moon. Unlike Scott and Amanda, she didn't have to be catatonic to go there. She could just picture the place and jump.

And yet, she's just now willing to entertain the possibility that it's a real land. The fact that she recalls being there twice (so far) should have been proof enough.

She has managed to bring Scott back from there twice. So what's stopping her from hopping over and healing herself? Besides a fear of who or what she might find there.

Amanda has always told Lisey that she is the one who must keep Scott anchored to this world. Some version of Scott is stuck there now. Could Lisey possibly bring him back?

Amanda has to have more to offer Lisey than she has so far if only Lisey can determine how to get through to her.

Also, Lisey has seen the Long Boy once and can't want to run into that monster again. Maybe that's making her leery as well.

Another storyline that remained largely shrouded in mystery is Scott's childhood.

Their father appeared to love them, but he bled Paul and tried to keep Scott from being gone. Paul is dead but how did that occur? What happened to Paul's father?

Boo'ya Moon was something of a refuge for the Landons. But Scott said it's populated by broken people. Does that include him and Amanda?

Those answers may help to explain why Scott is now gone.

For a trip to Boo'ya Moon, watch Lisey's Story online.

How soon will Lisey visit Boo'ya Moon?

How can she escape Dooley?

Will her sisters help her?

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