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It was a time of transition at Fort Salem in the aftermath of the discovery of the resurrected Kamarilla.

The question still unanswered after Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 1 is how long it will take for the U.S. Army and the Spree to join forces against a common enemy.

The smart money is on the two sides, wasting half of the season attempting separate plans of attack.

It would appear that the Spree would have an advantage since they are not wearing uniforms and aren't such a readily available target.

But they must have a mole in their group since the Kamarilla knew where to attack the Spree leadership.

Who's not to say there isn't a spy inside Fort Salem as well?

Spree also have the advantage of operating in small cells, which are harder to stamp out. And, as became apparent when Scylla caught Anacostia spying on them, they can bug out a lot quicker.

Plus, now that Spree leadership has been cut in half by the Spree ambush, leaders such as Willa can audible and plot their own strategy without having to clear anything with a council of generals.

Her plan to track down whoever started the hate group, which had a speaker riling up the crowd at a memorial vigil, was a sound one. There's no way there isn't some crossover between that group and the Kamarilla.

Now Willa has tasked Scylla, freshly sprung from the Fort Salem jail, with infiltrating that group. Better to keep her busy, so she doesn't have to consider all that she has lost.

One thing that hasn't really been explained is the origin of the Spree and why some witches use their magic to become terrorists against humans.

For instance, Willa was ex-military, thought to be KIA, who joined the Spree rather than return to her daughter Raelle and her human husband.

Motherland: Fort Salem has clarified that the relationship between humans and witches is a strained and one-way one.

Under the Salem Accord of 1692, the witches would be drafted into the U.S. Army to serve as the nation's military. In return, well, they got to live.

Still, it's understandable that the weaker but more numerous humans would fear that the stronger but small group of witches might turn on them. And Spree, for whatever reason, feed right into that paranoia.

This tenuous detente was hinted at all of last season. Now the love-hate relationship between humans and witches promises to be at the center of Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2.

While the Spree investigates the hate that likely spawned this new Kamarilla, the army is better equipped to tackle the Kamarilla itself.

That's just as well because Alder and her council of generals aren't ones to be concerned with human feelings, even if that is ultimately at the root of their problem. Just point them toward their target.

Also, they had too many of their own problems to be concerned with while licking their wounds from the Kamarilla ambush.

First up was they were down two soldiers with Abigail and Raelle missing in action and assumed dead in that attack.

Things were already bad between Abigail's mother and Alder before this after last season's coup attempt, and Alder getting Abigail killed and ending the Bellweather line didn't improve things.

Only Abigail and Raelle were alive, thanks to an explosive new power they developed and don't begin to understand. Wonder Twins Power activate, indeed.

They spent the whole hike out debating whether to admit to having this new power. Raelle had a Cessionaire's mistrust of authority while Abigail wanted to do the patriotic thing since their power could tip the balance of power in the upcoming war against the Kamarilla.

They ultimately fessed up and became Alder's secret weapon if Izadora can figure out how to train them to harness their power.

Abigail and Adil made the ground shake. And does that shaking have anything to do with Abigail's other new power, or did Adil cause that?

But they're headed for heartbreak, as Khalida was adamant to Raelle that she and her brother don't belong at Fort Salem.

So what role, if any, will the Tarim play in the upcoming battle? They have access to ancient spells, which could certainly be useful in the upcoming conflict.

There was good news for Tally, the third member of the Bellweather Unit, as Alder granted her the rare opportunity of being reverted to her actual age.

That was only fair since Tally was so out of her depth as a Biddy.

What the experience did do was to change Tally's perspective of Alder. A former skeptic, Tally was now a fervent Alder supporter after being connected with her for only a short time.

Was Tally's nightmare at the end a vision of a battle to come with the Kamarilla? How come it left Tally with a wound?

It is also great to see that there will be recruits this season, starting with Penelope. General Bellweather will lead a concerted effort to find more who don't know they are witches.

And will the Vice President go along with his daughter being drafted as cannon fodder? The rich never have before.

To revisit the Kamarilla's reappearance, watch Motherland: Fort Salem online.

Are you glad Tally got reverted to her bubbly self?

How did Raelle and Abigail get their power?

Does it have some connection to that black disease?

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