It feels so nice to have a Nancy Drew finale that was planned to be a finale because, boy, did they bring it for their final episode of Nancy Drew Season 2.

The writers showed what they were truly capable of on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 18, and the result was a suspenseful, heartbreaking, heartwarming, funny, sad, and overall great hour of television that, of course, left us wanting more.

There was really never a doubt that Nancy would survive the Wraith; the only questions we had were how they would do it and what would come next. And no one could have predicted what would happen in the final scene.

The overarching theme of this season has been Nancy's search for her identity.

The reveal that she was actually a Hudson, not a Drew, and all of the grief she experienced in her life caught up to Nancy, and having a supernatural parasite attached to her certainly didn't help.

Nancy's feelings have been like a rollercoaster ride from the very beginning of this story, and we have been with her every step of the way.

Ryan: I can't even afford Celia's funeral right now.
Nancy: Oh, Ryan, I'm really sorry.
Ryan: Don't be sorry because all that matters, right now, is that we help you. I mean, you're all I got left.

It was quite a shock to find out that part of the reason for her turmoil was because the Wraith had attached itself to her on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1.

But, in reality, it only heightened the emotions that were already there.

I do admit that Nancy's dreamscape journey was a bit, or a lot, cheesy at times, which isn't usually the case for this show. However, Nancy needed to overcome her literal and psychological demons, so cheesiness was necessary.

She had been pushing down her trauma for a while, but what she didn't know was that she also denied the parts of herself that make her who she is in the present.

The person she was when Lucy gave birth to her on the bluffs, when she solved her first case, when she attended her mother's funeral, and when she was at her darkest.

These different versions of herself are a part of her, and she is done denying them.

This journey for Nancy has been trying, but she's in a good place to move forward and be able to carry her broken past.

She has acknowledged and accepted all of the trauma that has gotten her to where she is now, and she's better for it.

Nancy: The Wraith is gone. The trauma is still there, but I think I'm strong enough to hold it now.
Bess: Good. Come on.
Ace: I think you always were, Nancy.

Since Nancy has been struggling for what has felt like forever, it's great to see her overcome it all and end the season somewhat happy with both of her dads. She deserves to have a win now and then.

But, as fate would have it, her luck will not last very long because this is a television show, and characters cannot be happy for more than a few seconds.

We all thought that Nancy's family problems were limited to one man -- Everett. But who would have guessed that another Hudson was going to cause some more trouble?

Temperance Hudson has been mentioned a few times on the show because of the Drew Crew's run-ins with the Women in White, but we never knew much about her until now.

The Women in White banished her from Horseshoe Bay because she attempted to contact an evil power lying beneath the town. And now she is back to avenge herself.

Myrtle: You're not French?
George: Not when I can help it.

Someone may be able to clear this up in the comments, but from the looks of it, Temperance has been kept alive through her ancestors for years and has been waiting for her chance to get back to Horseshoe Bay.

Nancy inadvertently helped her when she used her blood to power the device to separate herself from the Wraith. But what does Temperance have in store for the town? Will she try to contact the mysterious entity again? This was quite the cliffhanger.

Let us turn over to the romantic stories of the hour.

The biggest one, of course, was George proposing to Nick.

The proposal was foreshadowed throughout "The Echo of Lost Tears" when George mentioned them eventually getting married and when Nick wanted the two of them to pose as the engaged couple at Myrtle's inn.

But that didn't mean that we weren't shocked when George popped the question because she had been running away from the concept.

However, Odette made her realize that she needed to live every second of her life to the fullest. And this is the first thing George decided to do with her life. Let's hope that Nick says yes.

Odette is seemingly gone forever, but what does that mean for George? And for Bess?

It doesn't look like Odette retreating into the depths of George's consciousness will affect her lifeline at all, but it will give George more time actually to experience the rest of the time she has left.

Odette: Just think, if we were born in a different time, we could only love in secret. And now, we may have zebras at our wedding.
Myrtle: Well, let me show you some examples.
Bess: Ah, ah, ah! I hate zebras! Just...get me out of this room!
Odette: Take us to a room where there are no pictures of zebras.

This means that they still need to find a way to separate George from Odette because we refuse to accept that George's days are numbered.

But this appears to be the end of Bess and Odette. Their romance was fun, forbidden, and what both of them needed. From now on, though, we're going to need to see a love interest for Bess, who isn't a ghost trapped in her friend's body, please.

And now we have come to the Nancy and Ace of it all.

It's been pretty clear for a while that Nancy has developed romantic feelings for Ace, but we haven't seen any concrete signs from Ace that he reciprocates those feelings.

With this finale, not much changed on Ace's part. But we do have spoken confirmation that Nancy feels some way about Ace. So much so that she was about to tell him all about it, but, sadly, he was already on his road trip with Amanda.

Nancy: I was born broken. And that's why all these pieces of me are broken.
Dream!Ace: You weren't born broken. You're hurt, maybe. But, in the end, the only way to heal is to let that pain become love.
Nancy: I really want that.

Ace obviously cares deeply for Nancy, but one could interpret his worried actions as friendly. However, with the road they seem to be going down, Ace will figure out he has feelings for Nancy sooner rather than later.

The two of them suffer from bad timing, but we are here for the slow burn between Nancy and Ace. Take all the time you need to get this relationship right, Nancy Drew writers, because we, and many fans, love what we have seen so far.

What did you think, Nancy Drew Fanatics?

Were you surprised by that Temperance Hudson reveal? Do you want Nick to say yes to George? Are you rooting for Nancy and Ace to become a couple?

And has there ever been anything more heartwarming than seeing Carson, Ryan, and Nancy come together as a family?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!



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