Complicated dynamics make for great stories.

Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 8 was another solid outing for this freshman superhero drama.

The parallels between the two different iterations of Earth are proving to have a much bigger effect on the characters than before.

Poor Lois was trying to keep her family together while simultaneously trying to heal from everything that happened in the past.

The revelation that Lois miscarried Natalie took me by surprise, largely because we were only introduced to Natalie on Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 7.

If, for some reason, Natalie makes it to the Earth Clark and Lois are together, it will shift the dynamic in the Kent family considerably.

Jonathan was already open to the idea of having a sister, but could you imagine how it would unfold for the rest of the family?

The show is tackling some heavy subject matters here, and while Jonathan's near-death experience was predictable, it helped kicked the narrative in a different direction. 

Lois lashing out at her son was the real shocker here, but his nose for her answers almost ended his life.

He survived by the skin of his teeth, and there was that chance Clark would not have arrived in time to save him. You don't leave anything up to chance in this world, and Jonathan should have thought twice about investigating the RV alone.

Jonathan's struggle to fit in after learning of his father and brother's abilities has been one of the highlights of the series, but he learned a crucial lesson with the R.V.

He's given up so much in favor of keeping the Kent family name out of the mouths of the other families, but at some point, he needs to make decisions that will also help himself.

Lois: Are you out of your mind? You don't go snooping around some guy from another world's murder van.
Jonathan: I thought it was safe earlier.
Clark: Jonathan, nothing is as it seems with this kind of stuff.
Lois: I said I would go back in there with you. What were you thinking?
Jonathan: I just thought I'd look around.
Lois: Without me? Jonathan, what were you really doing in there?
Jonathan: Mom, even I knew how upset you were earlier about what we saw in there, and then that crazy hammer thing that he made, I thought that maybe I could go in there and I could look for.
Clark: Woah, hang on, you were looking for weapons?
Jonathan: Dad, you and Jordan basically are weapons. I am the only one in this house that is completely unarmed.
Clark: Jonathan, your mother and I will protect you.
Jonathan: Really.
Clark: Yes.
Jonathan: Because I was one second away from being dead, and Mom couldn't do anything, and you, you almost didn't even make it in time.
Lois: Jonathan, look at me. Look at me. I let you come with me because I trusted you, I trusted that you were responsible enough to know how dangerous this all is.
Jonathan: So now you don't trust me?
Clark: Okay, let's calm down.
Lois: You knew there was a risk, I know you did, and yet you went in anyway. Alone, behind my back to find weapons. You almost died. Not because you were unarmed, because you were reckless. Stupid. And if you had died, the only person that would have been to blame is yourself.

Lois truly had the day from hell, but at least she understands why Irons was so adamant about killing her husband.

How else was Lois supposed to react to her counterpart from another Earth being killed by Superman?

My best guess is the unrest in the Kent household will continue to grow in coming episodes. Lois will struggle to truly deem Irons a villain now that she knows his deal.

A part of her wanted him to be neutralized at the top of the hour, but everything changed the moment she learned of her connection to him.

Irons may be gone for now, but he won't be gone for long. He's crucial in unlocking the mysteries of the past that have largely been the driving force of the series.

Clark's reaction to learning the truth about someone who looked like him that obliterated an entire planet was perfect, especially when you couple in the fact that his son got to see this other version murdering their mom.

The Multiverse is a confusing place, but Superman & Lois is doing it a lot of justice thus far.

The big question is how long Irons will stay gone because he still seems deadset on avenging his planet, and he can only do that by fighting Clark.

He wants answers on how someone like Clark could just flip a switch and destroy a world, and it's a particularly tragic scenario to ponder.

Both Clark and Irons will probably need to find a way to work together, or they run the risk of losing more people.

Now that Morgan Edge has essentially been deemed the villain that needs to be neutralized, hopefully, it means that his people will stop meddling in the lives of everyone.

Poor Lana wanted to keep Kyle well away from the nefarious company and everything they stood for, but it was inevitable someone like Leslie would throw some caution to the wind.

Kyle has been one of the more frustrating characters on the series because he lacks meaningful development. One minute, he wants to be the doting husband, and the next, he's someone else entirely.

Lana's lie hurt him, but would he have preferred to be made a superhero? Something about Kyle makes me think he'd probably join Morgan's cause, even if he knew the true extent of it.

Leslie has not trusted Lana since the jump, as evidenced by the scowl Leslie shoots her every single time they're in the vicinity of one another.

Leslie knew she was stirring the pot when she opened her mouth to Kyle, and something tells me she's not done scheming yet.

The school musical plot felt somewhat out of place this hour. Maybe it's because of the big things going on in the other plots, but it was the comic relief I didn't really need.

Obviously, it showed how Kyle could go off the deep end and leave his family in the lurch, but it felt too Riverdale than Superman & Lois for me.

What did you think all those Irons reveals? Were you surprised Lois yelled at Jonathan, or do you think it was warranted?

Do you think Lois will come face-to-face with another iteration of Natalie?

Hit the comments below.

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