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The more we think about the cancellation of Good Witch, the less we like the idea.

We need to see so many stories to their finish, and our exclusive clip from Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9 features one of them.

If you watch Good Witch online, you know that Stephanie and Adam went their separate ways at the end of Good Witch Season 6.

It was a shocking development after they had spent so much time planning a future for themselves.

But with Adam's desire to go on a mission and Stephanie's concern that distance would tear them apart whether they wanted it to or not, their separation was inevitable.

Good Witch Season 7 Episode 1 found Adam back in Middleton, but his time abroad included a close connection with a fellow traveler.

Stephanie was crushed.

By the time he came around to the realization that Stephanie is the woman for him, she'd decided that she needed the same time to find herself before committing to another relationship, even with Adam, who she still loved.

But fast forward through the season, and you see that they've been circling each other despite it all.

Their close friendship seems to be reigniting their spark.

On Good Witch Season 7 Episode 8, their tenderness almost won out as they leaned in for a kiss, only to pull away.

Here they are now, once again together as they help their dear friends Cassie, Abigail, and Joy search for the amulet that offers a solution to the curse of the red-haloed moon and threatens their lives and their magic like nothing else they've experienced.

Being thrown together again seems like the perfect time to explore what wasn't because, just like the rest of us, Adam and Stephanie have been wondering why they didn't finish that kiss.

This exclusive scene from "The Search" suggests that we might get an answer to that question.

But if we don't get an answer, then it's a possibility that we will never know what might happen between them.

That's kind of unacceptable, so we're hoping that this scene spreads out with answers.

Check out our clip now, and be sure to return Sunday for a full review of the episode after it airs!

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