Thanks to the High Rollers twist it's been a turbulent few days in the Big Brother house.

We'll start with the nominations.

Kyland nominated both Claire and Derek F for eviction, with Claire being the target.

They were a surprising set of nominations, but things are getting twisted as we enter the second half of the game.

As for what everyone secured in the voting,  Sarah Beth, Claire, Kyland, Azah, and Alyssa got $50 in BB Bucks, while Xavier, Britini, and Tiffany got $75, and Derek F, Derek X, and Hannah received $100.

The feeds were down for several hours on Friday, so it was tough to tell what was going on, but Derek F is a pawn ... for now.

The High Rollers twist found people putting bets on fellow players and Kyland put a bet that Alyssa would win the Power of Veto.

When it came to the competition, Alyssa, Azah, Britini, Claire, Derek F, and Kyland competed.

Alyssa won, but there's a catch:

Kyland won a second veto because of the bet he made. There are two vetoes in the house this week, which means both nominations could potentially be used.

Kyland had thought about targeting Alyssa this week, but that's not going to happen now.

On Saturday, his target changed again, and he announced he wanted Britini out of the house because he thought she won $100 Big Brother bucks.

It's a surprise Britini is a target, but it shows that Kyland is having a messy week, and it's barely begun.

It's unclear whether Kyland would remove Claire or Derek F, but given that the latter is closely aligned with Britini, he could try to swing the vote to save Claire.

What are your thoughts on the latest batch of spoilers?

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