Big Brother Season 23 is at quite the tipping point as we head into the second half of the game.

Alliances are crumbling, targets are changing daily, and it's been a fun week on the feeds.

At the end of the last new episode, Derek X was about to put Christian up as the replacement nominee as Britini used the Veto to take herself off the block.

But, in a surprising move, CBS opted to keep viewers in the lurch about what happened.

Well, we've already reported on Christian being named the replacement nominee, but there's been a lot of drama in the aftermath.

Tiffany has been playing a stellar game, making sure targets are sent home in the pecking order she has crafted herself.

It's been fun, but her game seemingly came crashing down Wednesday night.

The target all week has been Christian, ever since he was put on the block on Monday, and people like Derek F, Britini, and Azah have been on board with it.

However, on Wednesday, Tiffany, Xavier, and Claire decided it would be in their best interests to keep Christian in the house.

Amid all the chaos about the vote flip, Derek F and Azah tried to put the kibosh in Tiffany's conversation with Britini because they didn't want her to be manipulated into doing something that didn't benefit her game.

In the end, the Cookout alliance was showing major cracks, and it was all down to the vote flip.

The night ended with Tiffany and Christian accepting defeat, with the latter accepting his fate was sealed in the game.

Derek F and Azah didn't want to speak with Tiffany to patch things up because they were not impressed with her tactics to get what she wanted.

The upcoming eviction should be a landslide against Christian, but things could change again with the feeds going down ahead of the eviction.

In all likelihood, Christian will be leaving tonight.

But as for what's on tap for next week, we have no clue.

What are your thoughts on what's going down?

Hit the comments!

Catch a new episode of Big Brother tonight at 8/7c on CBS.



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