Thursday's episode of Big Brother concluded without naming a new Head of Household.

Naturally, there are already questions about who won and who the target will be.

Thanks to the power of the Big Brother live feeds, we know everything!

The feeds returned on Thursday night to reveal that Kyland is the week six head of household and will hold a good chunk of the power.

Based on the events in the house, we know it was a knockout style competition and that he was supposed to throw it to Tiffany.

Unfortunately, plans rarely work in the Big Brother house, and Tiffany answered the question wrong, rendering Kyland the sole HOH.

There was a lot of back and forth as Kyland plotted his next move, but it was clear Tiffany wanted Sarah Beth on the block.

That was the plan for the Cookout this week, but Kyland seemed more interested in taking a shot at Claire because her safety until jury power was over.

Tiffany said she had no qualms about putting Claire up, but the conversation kept returning to Sarah Beth. Kyland responded that the first two jury spots are interchangeable.

There is a lack of trust between Kyland and Tiffany right now, and he's entertaining the possibility of putting her and Claire up together.

The target would, of course, be Claire, but this could also prove to be a risky endeavor because it will take another vote away from the Cookout.

He's also thrown Alyssa and Britini out there as options, but only time will tell what happens.

With the High Rollers twist in play, there will likely be a lot of movers and shakers when it comes to who will be the week's final nominations.

For now, Claire and Alyssa seem like the most likely options to go up, but Kyland could be forced to backdoor Sarah Beth if his allies turn up the heat.

Also of note, Hannah revealed she was open to the idea of cutting Derek X in week seven!

Will America try to help keep Derek X in the game for longer?

Only time will tell!

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.



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