The Novel "Second Class Citizen" by Buchie Emecheta can be viewed as bildungsroman because it revealed the growth stages of the character named Adah; this consideration is similar in the Novel "Invincible Man" by Ralph Ellison the anonymous narrator revealed his growth from naivety to wisdom.

At a certain stage in Adah's development, she was confronted with the decision to join her husband in London but she was face with cold welcome_ both in the literal and the literary sense.

In the literal sense, the novel explained that Adah and her two kids boarded a crowded ship and on the Sea, they witnessed a lot of chill and cold which made Adah so seasick through the journey.

In the literary sense, Adah's welcome to London had a cold acceptance. Starting with Frances not feeling happy at Adah's arrival. She was also made to live in a very tiny apartment where neighbors were not allowed to nurse their wards but keep them in foster homes.

The landlady and the neighbors were nosy and making mockery of Adah's motherhood philosophy. As if that was not enough, she witnessed racial discrimination in London towards her desired career and standard of living. 

Be that as it may, it must be noted that Second Class Citizen by Buchie Emecheta is a novel written so point out issues of racism, marriage, clash of culture, etc.

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