If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

Would you use that time to spy on people? Would you play pranks on people? Would you even enjoy it at all?

The possibilities may seem like their endless. But this new episode of Fantasy Island shows that being invisible is not all it's chalked up to be.

On Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 3, Eileen Mitchell shows off her bigger-than-life personality from the first second she swoops onto the island. 

Elena and Ruby are caught off guard by her sweeping entrance and tendency to overshare.

Eileen even forgets Elena's name at one point! 

This wasn't a great episode, but Eileen's characterization shows just how smart the writers of Fantasy Island truly are. 

The former model openly boasts about her youth and her travels around the world.

She took her daughter, Theodora, with her on her adventures. That seems great in theory until she refers to Theodora as her "backpack." 

Becoming invisible was at once Eileen's greatest fear and something that she was already unknowingly going through. Getting older obviously had more of an impact on her than she realized. 

Still, everyone on this episode is a secondary character to Eileen.

Charles's character seems like a very repressed and particular scientist who came to the island for a change of pace, which he certainly got. 

But his story struck me as incredibly sad. He said he came to Fantasy Island in search of something "unexplainable." 

His attitude was surprisingly negative, however. Charles admitted that he was very skeptical of what the island could do for him, even though he came to Fantasy Island seeking a miracle. 

Eileen: Look, Charlie, you strike me as someone who has suffered from a lifelong inability to surrender in any way to irrationality.

Charles: It’s Charles, and you’re correct.

But pairing his strait-laced attitude with Eileen's exuberant need for attention was a really good move on the writers' part. They were each other's perfect foil.

I found it incredibly weird that they developed feelings for each other, considering their big age difference. 

The fact that he could only hear her when they were touching or holding hands immediately brought some romantic tension to the scene.

Regardless, their chemistry felt a little forced and a bit too bizarre to enjoy the episode fully.

As the only person who could hear Eileen, Charles finally relayed a message to Theodora from her mother. Theodora was understandably skeptical until Eileen finally approached her herself.

Theodora's issues were much deeper and more serious than Eileen had ever let herself understand.

Theodora remembered much of her childhood differently. She spent much of her childhood waiting for her mother to come home from her escapades, often wondering if she would be abandoned.

The final straw came when Eileen left her sleeping grandson unattended to go to a party next door. 

This is an understandable reason for Theodora to want to distance herself from her mother. Eileen put her son's life in danger. 

But this happened because of Eileen's own personal issues with feeling invisible as an older woman. 

She had gotten used to life as the leading lady. She was used to being in front of the camera and being young, beautiful, and glamorous. But her life was changing, and she needed to get used to that. 

Although Charles is very serious and rational, he pays attention to Eileen in a way that she deeply missed. She also serves as the excitement he very much needed in his life.

But the age gap is still very, very weird.

This episode also sheds a tiny bit more light on Ruby's situation on Fantasy Island. 

Fantasy Island can give someone anything they want in life, but Ruby still finds herself homesick for the life she once had.

She learned that she's not able to contact her husband Mel from the island. It seems like this is the first time it really set in that she will likely never speak or hear from her husband again.

This also means that there will be a day when Ruby becomes a widow on Fantasy Island, and there might be no way for her to see him before then.

Elena is obviously sympathetic towards Ruby when she learns of this. She manages to get a few things from Ruby's home in Cincinnati, including a note from her husband.

She promised to try and get more for her in the future, but this is still the best she can do for now.

Elena had promised that life on the island wouldn't be easy for Ruby. It might be paradise, but it's not a walk in the park. 

Javier also shares a juicy tidbit about Elena's life with Ruby. He tells her that he never once flew Elena anywhere in all his years of working on Fantasy Island.

Elena's life is clearly tied to the island. But at what cost?

It seems like this will continue to be the structure of Fantasy Island episodes from now on.

We focus on two fascinating characters throughout it while also painstakingly peeling the layers of Ruby and Elena's characters one by one. 

What did you think about this week's episode? Don't forget you can watch Fantasy Island online at TV Fanatic. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/08/fantasy-island-season-1-episode-3-review-quantum-entanglement/


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