Betty can't ever escape her Final Girl status. Based on Riverdale Season 5 Episode 13 alone, she has the ingenuity and skills to take down every vengeful killer who gets in her way.

The Lonely Highway killer was no exception. Even with a chainsaw in hand, he couldn't defeat Riverdale's version of Nancy Drew.

But did the battle with the mysterious trucker live up to the expectations? Or, did it leave us wanting more?

As I mentioned in previous reviews, Tabitha and Betty were an unlikely great pair. They balanced each other, albeit with some silence and distance from Betty. (She really needs to let someone in and trust again.)

Glenn would've been a good ally had he not wasted his efforts in the wrong places. Going after the escorts instead of the serial killer trucker will yield him zero results. Anyone with any sense of logic would know this.

Seriously, how does he have a job in the FBI?

I wish Betty had stayed in the FBI so she could rise in the ranks and fire him. Plus, she's a good investigator; there were other things she just needed to get through first, such as the trauma from the Trash Bag Killer.

Their Coyote Ugly scheme got them the results they needed, and it came with all the movie references to brighten our day.

I imagine this had to be a word of mouth/social media thing because they got a lot of truckers for an event they only just planned. Not even the most organized of events could be that successful with a single day to plan.

Though, "Chapter Eighty-Nine: Reservoir Dogs" exposed an ongoing issue Riverdale has with its large cast.

Coyote Ugly-type schemes tend to be how the show can get most cast members together in a plot. Everyone was involved in distracting and investigating the truckers; they basically dropped everything and converged to bartend, break into trucks, or dance on the bar.

Characters like Alice need their own worthwhile plots to develop their characters. If not, they're being wasted in the background to propel the other stories forward.

Now, onto the big climax of Riverdale Season 5 Episode 13: Betty's fight with the trucker.

The encounter was a thrilling fight that felt like it was pulled from a horror movie. A killer stalking with a knife, a random chainsaw appearing out of nowhere, and the chainsaw cutting into the truck were all splendid slasher tropes. The fight went from generic slasher to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Seriously, where did the trucker find that chainsaw? Did he keep it around for easy access?!

Tabitha: What about the guy? The killer?
Betty: I have a place where we can take him and keep him.
Tabitha: Shouldn’t we hand him over to the FBI?!
Betty: Not yet. If there’s a chance he knows where Polly is, I want him to give up that information. At which point, we will hand him over.

Betty made a couple of bad horror movie mistakes, like turning her back on the killer after knocking him out. (You never do that!) But, her big mistake will be holding the trucker captive to get more information out of him.

The decision will no doubt come back to haunt her. The second he gets free, something terrible could happen to the people around her.

Kevin sliding back into bad habits felt so typically him. He doesn't know what he wants, but he knows that something is missing in his life.

And typical to Kevin fashion, it's filling that hole with empty pleasure.

It's great that Cheryl wants to help Kevin deal with his sadness. She went through the same heartbreak when she ended things with Toni, so she understands his guilt. Sure, it was to get him to join the Blossom church, but her heart was in the right place.

This award is a painful reminder of all that I haven’t accomplished. Writing, performing, directing … instead, I’m in Riverdale. Still cruising the woods. Unlucky in love. Being named Teacher of the Year at a dying high school. Okay, this can’t be my life! It’s just can’t be!


Kevin lost me when he got so upset about Fangs and Moose having dinner. He doesn't have a leg to stand on from the shady way he broke up with Fangs or his preference to have hookups.

Fangs is single; he can do whatever he wants and date whomever he wants. Kevin just has to live with the decision he made and learn to grow.

Could Kevin's role as the artistic director of the Blossom ministry be how he leaves town?

Kevin Keller hasn't had a strong plot on Riverdale in years. His storylines either focused on romance or becoming a ploy for the villains, like The Farm on Riverdale Season 3. Just like Josie, he's always been on the outside.

His heart-to-heart with Cheryl revealed a lot of regrets he had about his life. Staying in town to perform songs in the Blossom ministry won't fulfill those needs long-term. And, he doesn't have a romance to keep him around since Fangs is with Moose now.

Why doesn't he move to New York or another town to write musicals? The ministry won't keep him around forever; once that plot ends, it could be the perfect way for his character to fulfill his dreams.

Veronica and Reggie could make a strong killing with Pearls & Posh.

From their strength alone, they have a talent for signing high-profile clients with little resistance. Sure, Riverdale has a flair for the dramatics, and it's probably not as easy, but Veronica and Reggie needed a win to get ahead in the business world.

Veronica: SoDale? What are you talking about?
Reggie: The thing about SoDale is it doesn’t exist. It’s a money-filled with no construction. Your dad sold his investors on a vision of something that will never be built. He’s using the money to fund his crazy search for Palladium.

The surprising twist from this plot came from the reveal that Hiram hasn't been building any homes in SoDale. Did anyone guess Hiram's sketchy plan?

Hiram used the SoDale project as a big driver for Riverdale Season 2 (and all his schemes), so for him to have not built a single home in all this time dropped my jaw to the floor. Hiram's underhanded business schemes know no bounds.

Veronica and Reggie should be careful with how many investors they steal away from Hiram. He needs the money, and if someone steals from him, he might be desperate enough to retaliate.

Just like Kevin, Archie slid back into his old ways. Reckless Archie came out in full force to dish out the pain against the dogfight owner. It was like a blast from his vigilante past or his time leading The Red Circle.

The biggest difference between the pair was that Archie had significant PTSD he needed to work through from his time in the Army.

Frank: I’ve been to war, Archie. I know the impossible decision you have to make. To hear Eric tell it, if you had gone back for Bingo, you and Eric probably wouldn’t have made it either. You made a choice in the moment and it was the right choice. You can’t save everyone!
Archie: That feels wrong. Everything feels wrong. I’m trying to save this town, but it’s so … corrupt.

It's great that Archie recognized within himself that he needed help and needed someone to talk to. Old Archie wouldn't have done anything about it; he'd let the frustrations push him into making a terrible decision.

Seeing the ghost of Bingo and having the (very graphic) Army nightmares were clear signs that he was still affected from his time. Having both Frank and Eric by his side will provide a great support system as he works through his issues.

Hopefully, Archie gives up the ghost before it hurts him in the long term.

Last Thoughts From Sweetwater River:

  • Once again, the two songs felt out of place on Riverdale. Though, if there had to be music, why didn't they use an iconic song from Coyote Ugly? Like "Can't Fight the Moonlight" or "One Way or Another"? A missed opportunity.
  • Bingo, the puppy, deserves all the pets, cuddles, and treats for being a good doggo.
  • Archie's flashbacks might be the most detailed sets on Riverdale yet. The show went all-out for the Army battlefields.

Now, over to you, Riverdale fans!

What did you think of "Chapter Eighty-Nine: Reservoir Dogs"?

Will the trucker reveal Polly's location? Are Kevin's days in Riverdale numbered? Will Archie come to terms with his past in the Army?

If you missed the latest episode of Riverdale, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.



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