Well, that's one way to set up the season finale!

Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 14 started slower than the typical installment, but once we got some insight into the carnage in Metropolis, it became abundantly clear that this story is far from over.

Morgan Edge becoming The Eradicator was always in the cards. His arc has been building to this point for some time, and now that he has the power to make whoever he wants one of the bad guys, well, things are going to get pretty gnarly.

The aforementioned fight in Metropolis was well-executed, providing visuals a cut above the other CW superhero dramas.

More than anything, I loved the similarities to the fight that brought about the end of John Henry's world.

If you watch Superman & Lois online, you know John Henry has struggled to move on from the past, and why should he? He lost everything.

Lois getting atop the building was a bit out there. She knew how it all played out on the other iteration of Earth.

In her eyes, the world knowing the truth was worth more than her life, and that's consistent with the character we've grown to love.

John Henry sending the hammer in the nick of time highlighted his worry about history repeating itself.

It could also explain why he wanted to keep Jonathan at arm's length. Jonathan has been a curious mind ever since all the superhero madness in the city, but he's also struggled about how and when he would save anyone if they were in trouble in his care.

He's probably super observant with John Henry to get some tips on anything he could do if disaster strikes.

Let's face it, Jonathan messed up with the pistol. He should have been more confident, knowing the fate of everyone in the car -- and beyond -- was on the line.

Teen: Can you like tell us where Morgan Edge is?
Samuel: Do I look like someone to tell classified intel to drunk teenagers?

It seems Morgan's plan all along has been to revive Krypton or his father's warped version of it.

Zeta Ro has had his son do his dirty work for years, and now that he has a vessel in Jonathan, a lot is left up in the air for Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 15.

We know the people who became Kryptonians in town returned to their former lives, but I'm willing to bet there will be something complicated when it comes to saving Jordan.

The series prides itself in putting the characters in moral dilemmas, and I suspect there will be a great cost in saving Jordan.

His powers are slowly beginning to manifest, but what if Superman & Lois Season 1 concludes with him losing his powers?

He's felt like they're a burden more than anything from the beginning, so it would be fun to see how he reacts to losing his abilities.

Now that the war has -- quite literally -- begun, how will the DOD try to keep the town in the lurch?

There's obviously a need to keep certain aspects of what's going on under wraps, but now that the images of Metropolis being decimated by all of these villains, there's no way it will be concealed.

This presents a big conundrum for the DOD. Samuel is not to be trusted. He tells even Superman and his daughter things on a need-to-know basis.

Lois understood the need to be transparent with the townsfolk. Samuel's BS was no longer cutting it, and with lots of misinformation out there, there had to be some genuine answers for these people.

Derek Powell's mother's outburst was hardly a surprise, and it was a successful way to obliterate what little trust people still had in the DOD.

Sarah witnessing everything is either going to make her scared or excited.

She and Jordan's relationship has been blossoming, but learning that her parents wanted to leave town was enough to send her off the deep end.

It's tough moving home, but more so when you're a kid who is being forced to say goodbye to all of your friends.

There was no way she would be fond of the decision, not after she started a relationship with Jordan.

Kyle and Lana's plan to skip town made sense. Smallville is dying a slow, painful death.

Well done, my son. Let’s begin.


Businesses are closing down every day, and there are no opportunities. It's got to be hard for Kyle and Lana to know that they enabled Morgan Edge's heinous behavior.

Maybe they will both get some time to shine in the finale, perhaps to help bring these villains down in a very public way.

Hey, it would help them stay in town.

Either that or they'll make their great escape and return early on Superman & Lois Season 2 with a lot of emotional baggage in tow.

"The Eradicator" was a great way to set up the final episode of the season.

The characters were all put in unimaginable situations as they came to terms with everything changing around them.

Now, all eyes are on how it will all shake out in the end. There are so many characters that it's tough to keep up, but it will be fun!

What did you think of Zeta Ro taking over Jordan's body?

Were you surprised by the extent of The Eradicator's power?

Hit the comments below.

The season finale airs Tuesday, August 17 at 9/8c.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/08/superman-and-lois-season-1-episode-14-review-the-eradicator/


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