It's time for the very dramatic conclusion to the heartbreaking story about a mother's search for answers in her son's death.

After Frances Cairnes all but killed George outright, in this exclusive clip of The Beast Must Die Season Finale, Detective Inspector Nigel Strangeways has news for Frances.

They've got forensic evidence that George was driving the car that struck her son.

He suggests that it's all but over, but his concern for Frances is genuine, especially when she wants to see the vehicle that was used.

Frances is now living in two worlds.

In one, her son is alive and well and always near.

In the other, she's a bereft mother who needs vengeance against whoever committed the terrible crime that ripped her little boy out of her life.

Once a well-adjusted woman with a happy home life, Frances now teeters between her reality and the surreal, near-insanity that's keeping her moving forward in spite of her pain.

In the finale, Frances will finally get the answers she seeks.

Whether they're the answers she needs is another question.

She needs a monster to blame, and if it was George who committed it, she'll rest well. He's dead and gone.

If any other of the suspected players are tossed into the fray as the troubled Rattery family fractures even further in the wake of George's death, who knows what will happen?

Your only chance is to watch the stunning conclusion to the AMC series, The Beast Must Die.

The Beast Must Die is all-new, Monday 9/8c on AMC. But the finale is at your fingertips to stream early on AMC+.

Take a look at the clip now.



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