We are just days away from the linear premiere of The Walking Dead Season 11, and one of the big questions have centered on whether Negan and Maggie would be able to work together.

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know Negan did some terrible things, including murdering the love of Maggie's life, Glenn, on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1.

Upon Maggie's return at the end of The Walking Dead Season 10, it was clear the drama was well and truly brewing for them.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has opened up to TV Line about where things could go in the final season.

"In his head, had made some progress with this group," the actor shared with the outlet.

"[By the time Season 11 starts, already] he's saved just about everybody at one time or another and put his life on the line to kill Alpha. He'd done some good things."

"Then suddenly, Maggie's back, and he's back at square one from nine years ago, show-wise. It's precarious at best."

"I think she’s going to have to kill him, or he's going to have to kill her, especially as we find them in the first two episodes," the actor dished.

"It’s not a good place to be for either of them."

"Negan is frustrated, and Maggie is pissed, for obvious reasons, that this guy is out of jail and seemingly in a better headspace than the last time she saw him. We'll see how that plays out, but it's not going to be an easy run."

The series has become known for big character deaths, but it remains to be seen whether other incidents will force them to work together.

We already know the season kicks off with Alexandria in tatters due to the Whisperer war, and with many enemies around, it becomes difficult to save the settlement.

What are your thoughts on Negan potentially killing Maggie, or vice versa?

Are you ready to say goodbye to one of the characters?

Will you be watching the show earlier?

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 1 is available to stream on AMC+ now, and it receives its linear cable debut Sunday, August 22.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/08/the-walking-dead-jeffrey-dean-morgan-hints-at-major-character-de/


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