Callie's patience was bound to run short at some point. Callie and Gael's mature go at a genuine, all-encompassing relationship is coming up short thanks to this baby situation.

By the end of Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 18, their relationship felt as if it was on life-support.

The latest development with Isabella could shatter whatever goodwill left between the pairing.

But before we unpack all of the mess there, let's talk about that court bombshell!

Kate came across as a jealous girlfriend, so it's not a surprise that Kathleen and the team have enough to imply she had as much if not more motive than Tommy to kill Zach.

She was a wild card to place on the stand, and the second they learned the prosecution intended to put her up there, Callie and the others had to scramble to figure out what edge they thought they had.

Callie and Jamie's relationship has settled into something unusual regarding how they approach each other about the case. If you pay attention, it seems like another situation where Callie gets more out of him than he does.

Jamie got sucked back into Callie's orbit, and whatever ill feelings he's harbored against her have all dissipated. As a fan of their relationship, it's nice to witness the two play off each other, and their chemistry has always been appealing.

However, upon a closer look, there's room for it to devolve into the same pattern of Callie expecting more out of Jamie than she gives him. Have we ever once noticed Jamie getting any feedback from Callie that could help the prosecution, even if it means directing them to a stronger suspect that would benefit both sides?

Callie: I heard you're calling Tommy's girlfriend to the stand. Give me a preview of what to expect?
Jamie: Well, I wouldn't want to give away any spoilers.
Callie: I hope you're not pulling any more dirty tricks. Tommy deserves a fair trial.
Jamie: I agree.
Callie: I'm not sure your boss does.
Jamie: I agree with that as well. Honestly, I haven't loved everything that's went down in this trial. I'm not sure criminal law is for me.

Nevertheless, Callie is a good attorney for getting things out of Jamie and using it to her and her team's advantage. And Jamie is still a decent guy who is trying to find his place in this field.

She and Jamie talking about how lost they fell as attorneys right now and expressing how they lost track of how and why they got into the field in the first place was a great scene.

It's something that both of them have in common, although one can only assume that Jamie went into the field because of the expectations from his father.

He knows that his boss is not a good guy, and he doesn't respect how he's handled the case thus far and the underhanded tactics. As a corporate attorney, Jamie didn't have to think about or even face the little guys, so Jamie's "out of sight out of mind" approach to it made sense.

However, criminal law is different. While viewers often question his values, he's a decent enough guy to be rightfully perturbed by everything he's experiencing while working at the DA's office.

It's believable that Jamie recognizes that it's not the right fit for him, nor is his previous life in corporate law. He can't put that genie back in the bottle after everything and the growth since then.

It poses an interesting question of where does Jamie fit? The possibilities are endless for him, but one can envision an arc where he does try to figure out what's best for him.

But wouldn't it be intriguing if his path aligns with Callie? Hell, he could be quite the asset at Kathleen's office after his time spent working for the prosecution.

The prosecution had an edge when they used Kate to solidify Tommy's motives for killing Zach. The jealous boyfriend angle was a classic.

But they didn't anticipate Kathleen's inquiries about that infamous hashtag opening the door for other things. Kate hated Zach, and it gave her a motive, but who expected that it was because of Tommy and Zach being in a relationship with one another?

So does that mean that part of Kate's animosity was because she served as Tommy's "beard" this whole time?

One can't help but think there's some truth behind it. Tommy was panicked when he looked back at his parents, and Zach's family were more outraged at the implication that their son could be gay than anything else.

Unfortunately, this changes everything. The worse part about this revelation is that Tommy still lied to Kathleen when she demanded he tell her everything so she could properly defend him, and now the narrative becomes that he killed Zach because they were breaking up with each other.

The murder case has been a popcorn legal thriller all season, and the outcome is one of the most anticipated storylines.

After a day like that, Callie reaching her boiling point with Gael, Isabella, and the baby was a given. She's been holding in her feelings about this for so long that they were going to slip out.

It's too much for Callie, period. Callie said that she doesn't mind complicated, but this is beyond what she's prepared for, and that's normal.

Gael: I'm not sure how I feel about not being part of the pregnancy.
Callie: Right. It's not like you're together. I get wanting to co-parent the baby but co-pregnancy?
Gael: Well, she still needs support, and there's doctor's appointments and parenting classes.
Callie: What you're going to do six months of parenting classes? It sounds like she has a friend who wants to offer her support it doesn't have to all be on you unless that's how you want it.
Gael: It doesn't sound like that's how you want it.
Callie: I don't have a say in how I want it.
Gael: But clearly it affects you. I guess I was wondering when your real feelings were going to come out. Callie: Well my real feelings is that this is none of my business, and I had a really stressful day, and I would really love for us to have five minutes where we're not talking about Isabella, or the baby, or your mother.

Just because Gael's life has and is about to drastically change as fatherhood approaches don't mean she needs to throw herself into that with him.

They're headed into two different phases of their life as Gael's path is going somewhere else. Young adulthood is hard, and it's when you realize that all the people who used to be in the same stage as you can go up, down, or sideways.

Some people are still on the immature side, and their lives and priorities look different. Others are starting families and settling down. It can all vary.

Gael is taking this seriously, and it's commendable. He shouldn't have to stifle everything to accommodate Callie.

What good is their relationship if he has to minimize how much he can share about this significant part of his life that'll change everything?

Maybe it's too complicated for Gael and Callie to be in any type of relationship right now. Nothing that either Gael or Callie are feeling is wrong, but it doesn't change how frustrating this is for both of them.

Mrs. Martinez's chilly response to Callie was probably a turning point for Callie, as she realized that compared to Isabella, she'll always be some outcast, interloper.

The reality of what it means for Gael to share a child with Isabella is crashing down on Callie. Isabella isn't going away. She's not a walking incubator for the baby.

Gael will be a first-time father, so of course, he's going to want to be involved in all aspects of the pregnancy. Why wouldn't he want to go to all of the appointments, parenting classes or be around to talk to Isabella's belly or whatever else?

Isabella was considering her friend's offer to waitress and stay at their guest house in part so she would be out of the way. She knew better than Gael how difficult this has been on Callie.

But their arrangement does seem to work, and it would suck if she relocated to another city, even if it's temporary. All of the support she has is there, including her new bond with the Martinez family.

Callie's biting commentary at their dinner was harsh, and she may live to regret saying them when they find out about Isabella going to the hospital.

Gael may resent Callie's brutal honesty at that moment, too, in conjunction with Isabella's trip. Dennis was the best person to be there for her. He's familiar with parenthood and pregnant women.

Isabella fears that she's miscarrying, and that would be such a tragedy. We have to brace ourselves for the outcome of that. Either way, it plays out everything is going to change.

Mariana needs to leave the Fight Club and call it a day.

Yes, Mariana hurt her friends, and as Claire pointed out, she has a history of doing some messed-up things. But who gives a damn anymore?

Claire is the only one holding onto this ridiculous grudge at the expense of the start-up she wouldn't even have without Mariana.

Imagine if Mariana held it against Claire that she jumped on Raj's magic wand the second he and Mariana were on the outs and basically hates Mariana on Raj's behalf when he doesn't even despise her?

One of the problems with this whole shtick where Mariana had to humble herself to win over her friends was the freaking optics of it.

To an outsider (like Zelda), all they see is three white women who can barely pitch their ideas or do any of the work, ostracizing, undercutting, and degrading their Latina underling and piggybacking off of her skills and her work.

Mariana's humility looks like degradation, and it's uncomfortable to watch. At least Gina and Rachel came around, and they recognized Mariana's value when Claire choked AGAIN.

Every excruciation second of watching the other Fight Club girls scramble to pull off anything only highlights that the entire start-up was Mariana's brainchild right down to knowledge on the brands.

Claire can't trust Mariana, and that's fine. Her issues weren't solely about Mariana cheating on Raj, fair enough. She has a laundry list of offenses that Mariana committed that have led to this, and they're valid.

But this isn't good for any of them. Claire can't forgive Mariana, so it's time for everyone to move on. Claire's lack of professionalism about all of this is childish as hell, though.

This is about trust. And I don't trust you. And I'm not sure I ever will again.


But at least Claire's behavior gave Mariana the peace she needed to move where she'll be wanted and put to better use, even if it makes her competition for her friends. And Claire has no one to blame but herself if that becomes the case.

It was mature of Mariana to apologize to Raj and come clean about her affair with Evan. She's learning about accountability, and she's grown leaps and bounds in this department. I'm proud of her this season.

Alice has grown too. In a way, she's in a similar boat with friends who depended on her getting pissy.

Alice fought harder than any of them for their rights to have a safe work environment, control over their comedy, and everything else that pertains to the showcase.

She got Margaret Cho as a director. Nary one of them can ever fix their mouths to say bad things about her again.

At least some of her peers were able to call Derek out on the version of slut-shaming he was doing by suggesting that Alice's relationship with Ruby overrode her getting this far on merit.

Alice's desperation to get Margaret to listen to her led to some subterfuge with the help of Sumi. It made for some painfully awkward moments as Alice fumbled through telling Sumi how to question Margaret.

And in the end, it was Sumi who convinced Margaret by reminding her of the importance -- Margaret's importance to them as queer Asian women.

Margaret wanted to uplift and open doors for more Asian-Americans to pursue their dreams, and this was her way of doing that.

Sumi was the MVP for Alice, and she always has been. It's no getting around it, and it's Alice and Sumi's time to take their relationship to the next level.

Alice had the necessary conversation with Ruby, too. To Ruby's credit, she took it well, and she understood how things changed between them when she let Alice down the first time.

They are never on the same page at the same time, and they work better as friends.

It seems as if Davia is afraid that she and Matt don't. The more she shares with Matt, the harder she falls for him, and it made all the sense in the world when Davia told Gael that she's afraid of getting farther away from Dennis.

She loves Dennis, and she doesn't want that to go away even if she's having a hard time making a choice.

Gael's advice to her was sound. She needs to make some form of a decision soon. She can't string along both men, and if she waits too long, who's to say that either of them will still be romantic options for her. It's only natural for them to move on at a certain point.

But Davia's love life isn't the biggest of her worries right now if Solomon is after her job.

Davia: Solomon is gunning for me, which is fine. It's worth it. Better I take the heat than the kids.
Gael: Have you talked to Matt about this?
Davia: I can't go running to Matt with every little problem I have.
Gael: Why not?
Davia: Because I feel like the closer I get to Matt the further I get from Dennis.

She's doing what a teacher should, inspiring her students and helping them find their passion. Andre has become her prized student, and she couldn't be prouder of him.

It's something one can relate to as a viewer. He's such a wonderful character, and his growth is delightful.

But it's worrisome that Solomon has it in for him because of his stance on the program. Andre cannot afford to get into any more trouble.

Davia sparking some of this and making so many waves is a pain in the sides of Solomon, school board members, and parents.

And now that her students have sent her fat bitch video around, Davia is bound to face repercussions or even lose her job.

After her recent relapse with her eating disorder, it's doubtful she'll regret sharing a body positivity post with one of her students, who also struggle with body image issues.

And nothing she did in that video is wrong, but these days, teachers catch hell for the slightest thing they do in their personal lives.

Malika's worlds collided when the entire Coterie helped her take care of Yvonne's kids. It felt like a sneak peek at how things could be if Gael brings the baby home with him.

It was cute to see everyone lend a hand, and it was another example of how the Coterie is a family. It takes a village, and that's what they are.

No one was able to help Malika with the Yvonne situation with any success outside of Angelica.

Malika wasn't telling Dyonte anything he didn't suspect when she inquired about their ground rules with dating in their poly relationship and told him she was interested in someone new.

Malika and Angelica's chemistry was instantaneous, and since we've ventured into this story arc for her, I more than welcome following this pair more.

Malika: So that hike we took the other day, was that a date?
Angelica: Did you want it to be a date?

At this rate, they're infinitely more captivating than the triad situation with Dyonte and Tanya now. If Angelica becomes Malika's primary, does that mean we can spend more time with them instead?

The two finally stopped beating around the bush and came clean about their attraction, and we got a smoldering kiss as a result.

Over to you, Good Trouble Fanatics.

Do Gael and Callie stand a chance with Isabella and the baby around? Do you think the baby is okay? What are your predictions for the case outcome?

Hit the comments below!

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