Are you already firmly invested in the Kinsella family?

If so, we have good news for you!

We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode.

Premiering Thursday on AMC+, Kin Season 1 Episode 2 finds the family reeling in the wake of Jamie's death.

Grief is an overwhelming emotion, and when you're in the drug trade like the Kinsella family, you don't have time to be overwhelmed.

The cause of your grief needs to be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this case, someone shot and killed Jamie, Jimmy and Amanda's eldest son.

Do you know what keeps your mind alert and from sinking into the deep darkness of grief?

Why, a little vengeance, of course.

Alcohol helps, too, so Jimmy and Michael grab a beer at the pub to talk about what happened and what they can do about it.

Jimmy is looking to his brother to be a key player in making someone (or many someones) pay for Jamie's death.

But Michael is just out of prison. So he is eager to stay clear of the messier side of the business so that he can see his daughter, Anna, again.

Jimmy thinks he knows who the shooter was and possibly who hired him.

In the clip, he mentions a lad named Moore, but he believes Moore got hired to fire that gun.

The most interesting thing about Jimmy and Michael's conversation comes when Jimmy reminds Michael that he's done it before, so now, he can do it for family.

Michael returned from prison to much fanfare, but we came in at the end of that story without knowing why he was sent away.

Jimmy's comment opens the possibility that Michael was convicted of murder for hire.

In light of the tragedy that unfolded on Kin Season 1 Episode 1, it will be difficult for Michael to stand in the shadows no matter how much he'd like to keep his head low.

Check out the clip featuring the talented Charlie Cox and Emmett J Scanlan, and return here for a full review of the second episode after you watch on Thursday on AMC+.



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