The Peter situation is not looking good at all, friends.

A seemingly innocuous, filler hour like A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 3 effectively introduced some important developments.

Gary's missing hat may be at the scene of the crime. Peter's wife unknowingly directed Detective Saunders to Gary. Meanwhile, Peter woke up, Eddie met the woman who hit him, and Katherine and Shanice shared a moment.

Somehow they managed to touch on all of these things during an hour where the men and women hung out.

The ladies' attempt to throw Katherine a divorce party was well-meaning and cute. It's so much better now that they've incorporated Katherine into the group, and they consider each other best friends.

The concept of a divorce party sounds alright, but only if the person getting divorced wants one. It didn't seem like it was something Katherine would be into in the first place, well before Gina and Darcy pushed her too hard about dating.

The ongoing joke appeared to be that Katherine is a bit too uptight and needs to let loose. Everything they brought up about her pointed to someone who never gets to let their hair down at all.

All of the jokes about her career, wardrobe, and everything else painted the picture of this woman who doesn't get to have fun.

And by the end of the hour, you could gather why they played up the uptight Katherine angle so much during this hour.

I wasn't totally honest with you before. It wasn't a guy that I dated after my divorce. It was a woman. I don't share that with everyone which is why I didn't drink during Never Have I Ever. I feel like I can trust you.


The hour also left many breadcrumbs regarding the blossoming friendship between Katherine and Shanice. Katherine's giggly schoolgirl bit around Shanice already put her firmly in the "girl crush" territory, but that increased tenfold during the installment.

And Shanice's focus on Katherine kept building to something. The group broaching the topic of kissing girls while playing the game became a glaring sign that it would head somewhere.

And Katherine's pointed question about how long it took Shanice to date a man, as well as the way Shanice replied, told you it was a woman of whom she spoke.

The tension between them while washing dishes was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Shanice has a genuine interest in Katherine.

She wouldn't have ensured that Katherine was okay after her friends teased her too much, nor confided in Katherine that she dated a woman after her divorce and kept it secret because of her career and parents.

It's something that the two seem to have in common-- living up to certain expectations by others.

Shanice was testing the waters with Katherine, and Katherine may not be ready to jump in, but it has her attention.

You have to give the series credit for nodding at the potential of this storyline when Carter set up the dating profile and asked her if it should be open to men and women.

Katherine exploring her sexuality is something different, and the possibilities of where this storyline goes are intriguing. It's something unexpected for Katherine but also liberating.

It's adorable that Theo was facing some uncharted territory in the love department, too. What is it with those women? Shanice has Katherine enchanted, and Theo had the hots for Shanice's daughter, Kiara.

Theo's embarrassment almost kept him from telling Kiara how he felt. Eddie's talk with him was endearing, and any mention of Eddie's parents still makes you think about what his relationship was like with them.

He's the only character of the group whose parents we haven't met in any capacity, but they never confirmed if they were dead. He doesn't speak about them much at all.

The father-son plotting of a grand gesture almost got ruined when Eddie directed his attention toward tracking down and confronting the woman who him.

Eddie's obsession is unhealthy at this point, but it's typical Eddie, so we'll have to see where this goes. Was Halpert's the only place still open and selling glitter and glue?

Once he got inside, he spent more time searching for this woman than the glitter, so what would've happened if he didn't find it? Would Theo have been out of luck?

Nicole knew who he was instantly, and because of her reaction, Eddie realized it was her upon sight. She called later to tell him what happened that night, and of course, they left us on a cliffhanger with that.

Eddie: What do you want?
Nicole: My name is Nicole. I want to tell you what happened that night.

For the Grey's Anatomy fans, Nicole had a similar vibe as Penny, so this is going to be interesting. All bets say she isn't a terrible person, and Eddie will want to be upset with her, but it'll become something else instead.

He's a heavily flawed man himself, so they'll probably go the route of the pair finding some common ground.

Theo's wooing of Kiara with a Love Actually poster card presentation was adorable, though.

And keeping with the theme of people bumping into people by kismet, Sophie came face to face with Peter's wife.

For starters, Sophie and Maggie's relationship remains top-tier, and the two of them cracking jokes, poking fun at each other, hanging up pictures, and going on party escapes is evidence of that.

They have such a fun, easygoing, open vibe that manages to bring Sophie into the fold with the adults more without it being too awkward.

As someone who attended her fair share of gatherings with predominately older women for most of her life and still now, Sophie's bemusement was cute.

She blends in well with her cool aunts, and she often can come across as the mature one in the room, depending on the company. She knew enough to extend Maggie a lifeline and escape route when Darcy shared that she and Gary planned to have a kid.

It showed that Maggie and Sophie's relationship is mutual, built on respect, too, so their scene where they shared ice cream and Sophie thanked her was a sweet one.

But Sophie is catching hell a lot.

For now, we're to believe that Anna is that naive wife who doesn't know how awful her husband is. Someone sent her the podcast of Sophie calling out Peter, and she only listened to enough to get angry about it.

Sophie probably should've kept walking when she saw the woman, but she's a better person than most and opted for cordiality. However, Anna was not in the mood for pleasantries.

Sophie: Anna, hi, I heard about what happened with Peter, and I'm sorry for what you're going through.
Anna: Are you? How dare you lie about my husband when he's in a coma and can't defend himself.
Sophie: I wasn't lying.
Anna: He's a good man, and all he ever did was try to help ou, and that's how you thank him? By trying to ruin him? YOu're lucky I don't try to sue you for what you did to him.

She's in denial about her husband, so it was expected that she'd react as she did to Sophie. It sucks that either of them had to experience that.

But the podcast and Sophie's sincerity and insistence were enough to spark Anna's interest, and she went into sleuth mode to go through Peter's phone.

Peter starting to wake up at the exact moment she's about to go through his phone is classic soap opera stuff, but didn't Peter delete things anyway?

Of course, nothing is ever gone for good -- Anna could discover something in there, but it makes you wonder if she will. She'll likely be distracted by her husband waking up, and it'll move on to Peter telling everyone who attacked him.

Unfortunately for Gary, Detective Saunders took the clues about a bearded man in a gray car parked outside of their house as further reason to look into Gary.

Not only does it suck that Detective Saunders is looking into who attacked Peter more than he did the sexual assault, but he's been laser-focused on Sophie and Gary from day one.

He's not even exploring all possibilities right now or accepting that it could've been a robbery.

Nope, he's determined to bring Gary to justice.

And if Anna shares the podcast with him, he has the claims of the car and Gary's description, and Peter says something, then Gary is screwed.

We also have to consider that he left his lucky hat somewhere at the scene. They made too big of a deal about Gary not being able to find it. Plus, Darcy brought his hoodie back, too.

Why didn't he burn the thing instead? Who donates a ripped hoodie? They never did find the hat, but they built up how much Liam loves Gary. The germaphobic kid was willing to jump inside of a dumpster to find it for him.

Liam loves Gary, and Gary is in a place in his life where he's getting the family he's always craved, and happiness is within his grasp. But he doesn't trust it or thinks he deserves it.

When all of this falls down on him, it'll be the biggest test for Gary's relationship with Darcy. It doesn't seem as though it's something the two can survive.

And Gary would make a great dead, but he'll doubt all of that when the actions from his consequences haunt him.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics.

Do you think they'll explore a Katherine and Shanice romantic relationship? What will Peter say when he wakes up? What could Nicole possibly tell Eddie to explain what she did to him?

Hit the comments below!

You can watch A Million Little Things online here via TV Fanatic. 



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