It's an end of a chapter for Gary, and things aren't looking up.

Unsurprisingly, the final moments of A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 4 have Gary in tears and alone, his dream of relocating and starting his family with Darcy and Liam thwarted by the truth.

And worse yet, Peter is awake and has Gary's fate in his hands.

Detective Saunders is infuriating.

Ever since Peter's attack, the man has put more effort into finding out who was behind it than he did look into Sophie's allegations and doing his diligence with them.

But he's gone about it all wrong, and it's enough to make you gnash your teeth. Saunders has his sights on Gary and is following him, popping up randomly to press him about his whereabouts, and so much more.

He's fixated on Gary in such an unhealthy and unethical fashion that it irks. The timing of the attack with Sophie's public statement on the podcast doesn't bode well for Gary at all, but Saunders was fixated on him since before he even heard the podcast.

He captured a shot of Christopher in Gary's car, and he couldn't ignore how coincidental it was that two men connected to Peter's victims were seen together after Peter's assault.

But again, it's frustrating that he's spending all of this time looking into the assault against Peter. But he's not even expanding the investigation to include the sexual abuse Peter inflicted on young girls.

It's like Saunders will only recognize those crimes as it connects to what happened to Peter. And ironically, he made a casual comment once about how angry he would be as a parent if he were in a similar position as Delilah and the others. But now, he's taking the vigilante justice inflicted on Peter as if it's the worst thing ever to happen.

Saunders' conversations with Peter were disturbing, too. If Peter claimed he didn't know anything and couldn't remember, it wasn't on Saunders to feed Peter information and leave hints and implications about Gary and Christopher.

Everything he did was geared toward telling Peter that Gary was the culprit, despite Peter's insistence that it was a robbery gone wrong.

And Saunders doesn't have any evidence to support any of his claims right now. Everything he's using is purely circumstantial at best.

Saunders' dogged, single-focused, angry pursuit of Gary is puzzling and irritating.

But Gary has to do better if he'll have Saunders stalking him and on his case. His claims that Topher was an old friend aren't convincing, and if he planned to tell people that he watched Jeopardy with his dad, he probably should've kept up with that airing.

Darcy has suspected something else was going on for some time, and it was like she was biding her time, trying to see how long Gary would go on keeping her in the dark.

The timing of her asking him the Pinnochio question was a bit odd, though. He was distracted with Liam anyway, so even if he did watch Jeopardy, it isn't out there that he wasn't thinking about it.

Listen, you didn't ruin my life. I think what's best for both of us is to take the hands we were dealt and move on.


She confronted him about his actions, and she was smart enough to piece everything together on her own. She knew that he did something to Peter and that Saunders was a detective who suspects Gary's guilt.

And as painful as it was, Darcy responded as one would expect from her. She loves Gary deeply, but she's always been clear about her boundaries and what she wants and doesn't need around Liam.

Despite her love for Gary, the second she knew he had anything to do with Petter's assault, it would always result in her cutting things off with Gary.

I love that they've developed Darcy so well that it's true to character for her.

She doesn't need that around Liam. The idea that Gary could be capable of something like that, even though we know he didn't beat Peter up himself, his plan was reckless and disturbing enough on its own.

He's invited too much attention and suspicion, and it's sensible that she wouldn't want any of his potential legal troubles spilling into Liam's life. Darcy is always about protecting her son.

She loves Gary enough not to want the details and to protect and cover for him. But she can't be around him, and you can't blame her for it.

It was heartbreaking when they had to tell Liam that they weren't moving to Lennox together, and she and Gary were breaking up. We've watched Liam come to life and blossom thanks to his love for Gary and their relationship.

It'll crush this kid, maybe even make him retreat into himself and regress.

And now Gary lost Darcy and Liam, he's not moving to Lennox, and Peter knows the truth. Peter lying to the detective but calling Gary is not a good sign.

Does it mean he remembers the attack despite his issues with short-term memory loss? Or did he piece things together because of the detective's questions and photos?

Either way, Peter calling Gary suggests plans are in place. Will he end up blackmailing Gary now? And how will this impact Sophie?

Gary's attempt at justice has spiraled out of the control.

The second storyline of interest during this installment was Eddie meeting up with Nicole and learning the truth.

Russ continues to be a godsend to Eddie, and he gives him the best advice and encourages Eddie to pull his head out of his butt with so many things.

His anger over Nicole and what she did was consuming him. Thankfully, Russ got him to meet up with Nicole to get some form of closure so he can move on with his life.

Eddie's constant dwelling on the accident when he has a new life to live weighed him down.

Nicole had a sob story that gives more nuance to the situation and how it came to be.

She's a domestic violence victim, and she fled another night of her husband's violent temper when she got into the accident. She took her eyes off the road to respond to something for her child, and she hit Eddie in the process.

Nicole was terrified that if she got in trouble for Eddie's accident, her child would be left with her abusive husband, so she kept going.

You wanted to talk. So talk.


You can sympathize with her in that regard, and once she told her story and Eddie saw the marks, he could as well.

How could he stay angry at her when her situation was worse off?

Nicole attempted to give him money for his accident, all that she had, before disappearing. But we all know this isn't the end of that story.

Eddie will likely try to be a savior for her. It wouldn't even be a surprise if they tease some sort of romance down the line too.

But Eddie also had the task of telling Theo that he wouldn't be getting out of that chair. It was a long-overdue conversation for him to have.

Theo has held out hope that Eddie would walk again since the accident, and neither Eddie nor Katherine have done much to discourage it.

Their talk was sweet, and it is nice that Eddie is in a good place right now.

The other storylines were a bit lacking.

For some reason, this show never wants Rome to win, so the excitement over his documentary getting picked up as a movie was short-lived when it wouldn't get aired at the festival.

Paragon + getting the rights to his film so they can stifle it is exactly the type of thing you expect from the business.

But it was worth it when it came to Walter expressing his pride in Rome. They continue to work on their relationship now that Renee is gone, and you know she's somewhere smiling down on them and happy.

Regina's chronicles at the Crocidile restaurant serve as a painful reminder that she deserves to be a boss of her own. What good is making terrible food and not having the ability to get creative with the recipes?

One good thing to come out of it was her new friend. It was pretty obvious that she was formerly incarcerated and that's where she picked up her skills. Regina's constant assumptions that this woman attended culinary school or traveled served as a reminder of Gina's privilege.

It's fairly common for those with checkered pasts to find successful work as line cooks, so it sucks that she lied about it to get the job. Hopefully, the truth won't come out and cost her the position.

Meanwhile, Maggie's antics at the radio station were mostly played up for laughs but not exactly compelling.

Nick and Jane's beef was childish. Maggie struggling to navigate workplace politics felt silly. Her obsession with cake was valid.

And she has a permanent position now, so good for her.

But sadly, Maggie's storyline felt like a bunch of filler, and it sucks that the series struggles to figure out what to do with her.

Something tells me that with Gary and Darcy ending, she'll be right back in his orbit.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics.

Were you surprised to learn Nicole's backstory? What does Peter have planned for Gary? Are you bummed about Gary and Darcy? Hit the comments!

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