Well, things could get interesting very soon.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 2 was all about setting up the long game, which appears to be an eventual showdown with a woman and a man who aren't at all familiar with the beauty of Montana or the people that inhabit it.

They are ready to make waves, and it's only a matter of time before they make new enemies out of Cassie and Jenny.

This show has no problem dropping a bunch of new characters on the audience and then watching us try to connect all the dots.

They did it throughout Big Sky Season Season 1, and that trend is continuing here. There have been about nine new characters introduced to us within the first two hours alone, and before we even figure out their names, we are scrambling to figure out how they fit into the narrative.

And man, it gets hard to connect those dots when they seem to be neverending.

Ren (not sure her name is ever mentioned here, but that's what the press release says, so we're going with it) and Danno drop down into town on a hunt for their drugs and money. So, naturally, we can conclude they're looking for the same drugs and cash that four teenagers who are in way over their heads have in their possession.

It's unclear where this twosome is from or how high up the chain they are in their organization, but the fact that they came to Big Sky to do their own investigation has to mean something.

Ren is a pistol. She's all glitz and glamour and humor, with great energy that comes across more campy than scary here. While Danno is the put upon foot soldier, who does as he's told and speaks when spoken to.

They make for an odd pairing on paper, but their scenes together are some of the episode's highlights.

But considering we know next to nothing about them, the reveal that they're working with one of Jenny's co-workers falls exceptionally flat.

The first time we see Deputy Harvey is when Bridger makes him as the man who killed Big Sam. But since it's the literal first time we're seeing him, it's not at all a shock. And neither is the connection to Ren and Danno.

Imagine if we'd found that out a few episodes from now after seeing Harvey and Jenny work together or seeing Harvey's face ONE time before he was outed as a bad cop.

That's a Big Sky problem, though. There are just a million moving parts all going in different directions at the same time. And it's a shame because when they laser-focus on one thing (like the Kleinsasser mystery), it can be a lot of fun.

But when we're jumping from case to case and story to story, it's just not.

The weakest link thus far of the drug case is the kids, who are just totally out of their element -- as they should be! They are kids who have no business being in the middle of something like this.

And it's frustrating because right when it seems like they grasp the gravity of the situation, someone has to chime in with their opinion, and they are right back to making idiotic decisions.

Their window to go to the police will never be closed, and Bridger wasn't wrong to make the unilateral decision to do so. Now, of course, he would be scared off by seeing Harvey, but there are other entities to go to outside of the local police station.

There's a fairly popular PI business right in town, after all.

The guy following the kids everywhere in a creepy van in broad daylight feels like a massive red herring for some reason. Like yes, he is following children around and lurking in the woods with a weapon, but what if he's trying to warn them or something?

I know that's a stretch, but he's had multiple opportunities now to hurt the children or turn them in or do several other things. He's after something, or he's trying to do something, and I'm not convinced it's sinister.

Selling the drugs is such a terrible idea on every single level, but you have to remember these are kids who don't know any better. Though, one WOULD think you'd know better at any age than to sell the drugs someone else was looking for.

A cop, no less.

This storyline is a mess, but it has potential, and now with Tonya kidnapped, things could ramp up. It feels like something much larger is at play, and Ren and Danno are just the tip of the iceberg.

Elsewhere, Wolfgang Legarski is every bit as off the rails as his identical brother.

Can you imagine that household growing up?

I love that the brothers hated one another when they were both equally unhinged and psycho in pretty much the same way. Ronald acted like he was saving the girls he helped kidnap in some sick way, while Wolf is out here treating human beings like animals in a bid to get them to shed their devious urges.

Wolfgang: Did Rick ever tell you about me?
Ronald: Yes, he said you were a weak, degenerate hippie.
Wolfgang: Ah. Pig Rick. What a shame. He was given so much, and yet he achieved so little. Rick was sloppy and incompetent.
Ronald: He was my friend.

It's all incredibly twisted and sad, but it's hard to even connect with these scenes because there's no one to root for.

There is nothing that could happen to Ronald to make anyone feel sorry for him. And Wolf just seems like an absolute wacko, and you can tell the apple hasn't fallen too far from the Legarski tree.

There are more questions surrounding this story right now than answers, like how did Wolf even find Ronald and Scarlet? But honestly, their interactions are so secondary and lackluster compared to the potential of the rest of the storylines.

Cassie taking a step away from the Ronald case makes sense, especially knowing they've got eyes on her and her family, but there is just no way it's going to last. And that's a shame because cutting off that Ronald story would be the best thing for Big Sky.

Alas, we will have to deal with Ronald and Scarlet eventually breaking free from their shackles (because, OF COURSE, they will), and maybe actually watching them on the run will be better than their foray onto the farm of horrors.

Odds and Ends

  • Is Big Sky about to give us a Mark/Cassie/Jerrie love triangle? Because right now, it definitely appears Jerrie is into Mark, Mark is into Cassie, and Cassie can't be bothered with anything involving romance. Does anyone even like love triangles?
  • Travis is sketchy, but damn, if he and Jenny don't have some sizzling chemistry.
  • Max and Harper are super adorable and sweet, but their terrible decision-making overshadows everything.
  • There are an awful lot of corrupt cops in a tiny area of Montana. Someone should look into that.
  • Ren may wind up being as evil as Ronald. Who knows. But she had some incredible one-liners. Big Sky is most definitely a vibe.

I can't tell what the identity of Big Sky Season 2 is going to be, but I'm optimistic that things are going to be good. There is a good narrative brewing right beneath the surface, and we just have to be patient and wait for it to peek its head through.

Who do you think Ren and Danno are?

Do you trust Travis?

Are you feeling a Mark/Cassie/Jerrie love triangle?

Will they ever give Denise more to do than sit at that desk?

Drop me a comment or two down below, and remember you can always watch Big Sky online via TV Fanatic to stay caught up on the action! 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/10/big-sky-season-2-episode-2-review-huckleberry/


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