Ugh. Just when Archer seemed like he couldn't sink any lower, he took his battle against psychiatry to a whole other level.

On Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 3, he demanded all doctors spend as little time with each patient as possible and then threatened to transfer Charles out of the ED because Charles didn't comply.

Not only did he miss the point of why Charles spends time with his patients, but he made what seems like an empty threat. How soon is Ethan coming back so that we can get rid of this power-hungry idiot?

It's hard to tell what Archer's problem is.

He hates psychiatry, to begin with, and he's had it in for Charles since they met since Charles dared to suggest that purposely rendering patients unconscious so that you can circumvent their refusal to consent to specific procedures is unethical.

It's odd that Sharon, who refused to make Will ED Chief because of Will's tendency to ignore patient wishes in favor of what he thinks is right, entertained the idea of putting Archer in this position of power for one second.

But she did, and now Archer is using his power to try to punish Charles for putting psychiatric care -- a field Archer thinks is BS -- over Archer's need for speed.

This is not going to end well.

I don't think Archer has the power to cut psychiatry out of the ED, first of all, and if he does, he's opening the hospital up to a massive lawsuit.

What happens when a patient dies because there was no psychiatrist in attendance to either treat a life-threatening mental illness or help guide the patient away from a self-destructive medical decision?

Most likely, Charles would be called away from wherever he was transferred to if an ED patient needs that kind of care, too, which makes it pointless to transfer him, and having to waste time tracking him down will hurt Archer's precious time statistics.

Charles is going to win this one. If Archer were clever, he'd realize that.

Of course, Charles refusing to go along with the new time log protocol didn't help anything either. It just made an enemy out of Archer.

But there were no good choices here. If Charles had logged his time, Archer would complain about how much time he spent with Gina, and they'd end up having the same conversation.

The bigger question is: how long is it going to be before other doctors rebel too?

What happens if Marcel has to do a complicated surgery that takes hours? Will and Scott took their time running various tests on Candace, too -- is Archer going to complain they "took too long" with her?  Are they going to accept it if he does?

Scott already had words with Archer about this nonsense, so I doubt it.

And the only person who seemed to get care as quickly as Archer wanted was the donor with the brain tumor -- which was not exactly realistic.

The scan could be done quickly, but I'd think that treating the tumor and recovery from the treatment would take a lot longer than it did.

I had mixed feelings about that storyline altogether.

Jim acted abusively toward both his wife and Stevie had been accused of sexually harassing a female grad student, and tried to use the threat of withdrawing funds to get Sharon to back off after she called him on how he treated a hospital employee only for it to all go away once the tumor was discovered.

It's plausible that a brain tumor can cause severe changes in personality and behavior -- it's happened in real life as well as being a TV trope.

But it felt like a convenient way to make the story go away, as if the writers realized they only had ten minutes to go and needed a quick resolution.

Plus, it was a brilliant set-up for a storyline about an influential donor thinking he was entitled to sexually harass doctors and whoever else he wanted because of his status in the hospital, but then it evaporated.

I can accept a brain tumor being responsible for Jim's behavior, but I don't find it believable that everyone would forgive him for it once the tumor was removed.

While intellectually, Stevie, Sharon, and Elaine might have all understood that Jim wasn't in control of himself because of the tumor, emotionally, his behavior left scars that won't disappear just because the victims understand there was a physical cause for his misbehavior.

In addition, it was odd that Stevie asked Sharon to deliver the tumor news to Jim, and then there was no scene depicting it.

Jim's apology was also off-screen. He disappeared after the tumor diagnosis, which contributed to the end of the storyline feeling rushed.

Chicago Med might have been better served by allowing this to be a two-episode arc so that Jim and Elaine could deal with the news of his tumor, and everyone could also have their reactions to learning that his bad behavior was tumor-related.

Elsewhere, I like Scott more and more, though it's strange that he always has two cases and nobody else does.

It's more realistic since ED doctors don't generally have only one case per day, but strange because nobody else has a storyline like that.

Scott is great with kids and should specialize in pediatric emergency care. I also loved the cameo appearance by Atwater and hope that there will be more interactions between Scott and PD as time goes on.

Cop: You can't come in. You're not even armed.
Scott: I'll be aight.
Cop: You're not a cop anymore. You need to stand down.

Scott wasn't used to being a doctor rather than a cop, either, and his first instinct was to rush into the crime scene with the other cops -- that could get him into trouble in the future.

And yet he got annoyed at Will for wanting to investigate whether Candace was fleecing her readers -- what was up with that?

Did he implicitly understand the woman, think Will was suspicious because of her skin color, or both?

His comment that Will seemed to enjoy investigating patients was interesting, too, making me wonder if he knew about the undercover op.

Finally, Vanessa and Marcel have a nice mentor/mentee relationship going, so please, let's not ruin it with an unnecessary romance.

The trailer for Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 4 appears to be going there. I'm praying that it's one-sided and that Marcel has a chat with Vanessa about professional behavior.

After all, his girlfriend JUST left town, and he doesn't trust easily, so even if he were interested in Vanessa and it didn't create an ethical conflict, it wouldn't make sense for him to rush into anything with her.

Your turn, Chicago Med fanatics! Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts about the medical cases, relationships, and whether you love to hate Archer or purely hate him!

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