We got a mostly Jay-centric hour.

It isn't often that we learn much about Jay's time overseas, so Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 3 delivered on that front with the introduction of Jay's former comrade in arms, Knox, and the war crime he committed and covered up.

But in the background, the Ray situation is still looming, and Hailey is on the verge of breaking.

Jon Beavers traded in his role as a member and baby daddy in Smurf's crew on Animal Kingdom to aiding in running different jobs here.

From the second Jay saw Knox's name, you knew the history between the two was a dark one, and Jay barely could contain his emotions whenever he was near him.

The initial violent bank robbery consisted of a bombing that took out a child with shrapnel, and the image of the poor girl bleeding out with a hunk of metal in her chest was upsetting.

However, it's not unlike the type of images that Jay and Knox saw overseas.

From that point forward, the hour quickly tied the bank robbery and bombing to military ties when the C4 used was taken from the base. And the hour wasted no time getting us to Knox despite the thick as heck log of all the people residing there.

It was interesting to see Jay go undercover at the veteran's meetings. Hailey said that he doesn't attend them, but who really knows if that's true?

Halstead: You might want to rethink your plan when you get upstairs.
Knox: Screw you, man!
Halstead: There was a little girl at the bank when the bomb went off.
Knox: Did she get hurt?
Halstead: She just died.

Jay doesn't talk about his past overseas often, and we don't get to see that side of him explored anymore since Mouse left. His attendance at the meeting gave off the impression that he's familiar with the format and participated in them before.

Given how Jay's feelings about Knox were evident when he saw his name, Knox seemed to love Jay. You could tell that the one-sided tension was probably because of something Knox did.

It made Jay's involvement in the case a bit tough when he came across as too overly invested and potentially biased when it came to Knox.

Hailey noticed it right off the bat. Hailey's lingering and attempting to get a better idea of what Jay's life was like back then, seizing the opportunity to learn more about him, particularly a topic he's not inclined to share, was expected.

She pried and pushed too much at inopportune times. Maybe if she held off until they got home, he would've been more receptive to it, and if he never mentioned his "Ricky" nickname, and you presumed he got it during the war, why would you teasingly use it?

Jay had Knox's number from the second he saw his name, and while it was easy to assume he could separate his feelings from the case, he turned out to be right in the end.

Knox was a complicated character. On the one hand, you wanted to sympathize with him.

He's a veteran who obtained a specific level of skills that doesn't translate to civilian life. It's why the transition or many vets is so hard.

The rules are all blurred and nothing makes sense when killing bad people was acceptable in Afghanistan, but the second you hit American soil, it's a crime.

Knox presented the questions that many have posited before. Where do you draw the line? Where does one stand when the military or whatever else uses you and your services and then discards you when you return home?

We all know how this country doesn't always do right by its veterans. Knox had a lot of that going on with him.

It wasn't as if he was wrong about Jay either. In essence, Jay did use him to find those bombs, and he planned to do the same thing to get him to the robbery crew. He didn't plan on hanging out with Knox or grabbing another beer with the guy.

You feel that? You do exactly what she says and keep your mouth shut or the next thing that will come out of it is a bullet!


But there was a sinister edge to Knox, too. His and Jay's cryptic spat in the interrogation room implied as much.

However, nothing could compare to that scene when Jay and the others headed back to the compound and found the mess Knox made.

Not even in Afghanistan would it have been acceptable for Knox to shoot a man execution-style in the back of his head and rip out his fingernails.

It's not the mark of a healthy person in their right mind. Ironically, Knox spent his portion of the meeting assessing Jay and implying that Jay was some coldhearted person who could execute people with ease.

But Knox had a sadistic edge, and it was one of those things where you don't know if serving brought out the worst side of him in that regard or if he always was that way and used joining the military to justify indulging in that part of himself.

Jay knew about Knox's revenge mission after the killing of one of their own. It was horrific enough that Knox went rogue and went after the man who murdered Torres, but when Jay emphasized that Knox slaughtered everyone in the house to Hailey later, you knew that meant children.

It's scary to think how many Knoxs there are in the world who get into seemingly honorable (depending on your stance) fields and positions and do dishonorable things.

Knox did seem upset when he learned a little girl died because of the special bombs he made. Given what Jay knew about him, it shouldn't have shocked anyone that Knox would take matters into his hands.

Jay: I'm sorry for holding things back. I know that I don't talk about my time in the Marines much. It's not that I"m trying t keep things from you but...
Hailey: You don't have to tell me anything.
Jay: Rick is short for Ricochet.

The case brought up some things for Jay, but he confided in Hailey about him by the hour's end. He's taking their relationship seriously and investing in it by making himself vulnerable.

Jay is open and honest with Hailey, and it makes it all the more difficult knowing that she's keeping from him something that could destroy their relationship.

When he asked if Hailey had any secrets that she wanted to get off of her chest, not only did Hailey lie to him, but she doubled down by saying that she's an open book.

All of those little things are going to catch up to her, and he'll feel beyond hurt when he inevitably learns the truth.

Hailey is due for another spiral now that the FBI is putting out bait to see if anyone bites.

Voight gave Hailey a heads up, and it made her paranoid all over again. She's not handling this situation well at all.

She kept asking Voight to give her more information, and it feels like a catch-22.

On the one hand, Voight doesn't tell Hailley much of anything, and he is dismissive of her feelings by telling her not to worry about things. Nothing about that is reassuring.

On the other hand, Voight can probably tell that she's not doing well with any of this, so he's minimizing what he shares for her and his good.

Jay: Well, confession sure makes you hungry. You got anything you want to share?
Hailey: I'm an open book. You know that.

Additional Notes:

  • The group cracking jokes about how they shouldn't take relationship advice from each other was amusing.
  • It's still weird as hell that they've made this big announcement about their relationship, and nothing is coming up about the two of them remaining work partners, too.
  • Burgess seems perfectly fine. Chicago PD is notorious for abruptly dropping aspects of people's storylines after their specific episodes.
  • That shootout was one of the most intense scenes ever on this show. They filmed that scene well. It had a girl on the edge of her seat with all that action.
  • Sniper Jay flexing his skills is always hot. You have to appreciate his confidence about hitting that mark all the time. That Ricochet nickname suits him.

Over to you Chicago PD Fanatics. Did you appreciate the Jay backstory? Will Hailey and Jay's relationship fall apart when he finds out the truth? HIt the comments below

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source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/10/chicago-pd-season-9-episode-3-review-the-one-next-to-me/


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