Clare Dunne's Amanda Kinsella has taken the world on her shoulders after her son's death.

She's tried alternatively to get vengeance and seek retribution for those responsible while also protecting the family and their business interests.

Kin Season 1 Episode 6 will find Amanda confronting Frank (Aidan Gillen), the head of the Kinsella family.

She has the hope he will turn in Eric (Sam Keely), freeing the family from some of their more precarious binds.

The family is in a death grip with CiarĂ¡n Hinds's Eamon, and he's not playing around.

If something doesn't give, there will be a huge price to pay, as Amanda sees it.

In this exclusive clip, Amanda tries to get Frank on board with the prospect of turning Eric into the authorities.

It was always going to be a hard sell for Frank to give up Eric.

Amanda goes for it anyway, facing off against Frank, Birdy (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Eric, and Nikita (Yasmin Seky)

Anyone else might feel uncomfortable in the same situation, but Amanda is as strong as steel, unwavering in her determination.

She makes it clear once and again that Frank is making a grave error in judgement.

Will Frank remain as clear with his decision as Amanda is as she tried ot achieve what might be responsible?

You'll need to watch Kin on AMC+ on Thursday to see what comes of this conversation.

We know you can't wait.

Now, check out the clip and weigh in with thoughts below.



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