That was one juicy secret revealed.

La Brea Season 1 Episode 3 revealed the real reason Eve has felt so guilty ever since Izzy's accident and another reason why the Harrisses are estranged.

It also helped to tie the storylines from the primeval world and the modern world together. Eve and Gavin's old friend Levi were having an affair.

Eve's been plagued with guilt for so long.

It now makes sense why she kept replaying the scene of Izzy trying to save her and looking at her photo. She remembered she didn't save her daughter.

Eve has been struggling since the series began. It's probably why she was so hyper-vigilant with saving Josh. She wanted to prove that she could be a good mom again since she'd confided in Ty that she thought she wasn't a good mom.

At first, Eve revealed that she had a neighbor pick Izzy up from the school, and they got into a car accident that affected Izzy's leg. Eve and Izzy's relationship was never the same after that due to guilt and resentment.

It was more than that, though.

As Ty tried to get Eve to let go of her guilt before it ate her alive, she revealed she hadn't been at work that day but had been having an affair. It was an event that changed all of their lives.

Pilot Levi Delgado had a very complicated relationship with the Harris family. He's been a close friend of Gavin's for years, and he had a soft spot for Izzy in the flashback when he had visited.

The problem began when both Levi and Eve began to question Gavin's sanity about his visions but did they have an ulterior motive?

Gavin: You and Eve have been talking about me behind my back, is that it?
Levi: Look man, she is scared. If you don’t pull yourself together, you’re going to lose your family.
Gavin: Don’t you think I know that!

Levi quickly fled to Germany shortly after Izzy's accident, a decision that affected Izzy more than any of the other Harrises.

Gavin assumed it was Air Force orders, and Eve seemed relieved not to be hiding and lying as much. Izzy seemed to have a special bond with Uncle Levi.

This new revelation will destroy that and drive a further wedge into her relationship with her mom since even Gavin guessed Levi still loved his wife.

He couldn't deny that's why he left or that he still cared for her.

Gavin had to put all those feelings aside and trust his friend and romantic rival to bring his family home. There was so much that needed to be said between these two friends.

Levi: So that place you’ve been seeing all these years?
Gavin: It’s real.

There is never enough time in these situations since Levi had to go on the mission. Everyone thought he disappeared too, but did he get swallowed into the sinkhole like the others?

La Brea's unexpected love triangle has begun, and it's due to bring some angsty family drama along with it.

Let's move on to the drama in the primeval world, where the hunters became the hunted and enemies learned to work together.

Things have gotten so bad down there that the cop was rationing off food. Both Marybeth and Lucas started arguing about this.

Eve looked disgusted by their attitude, though Marybeth predicted she and Eve would be friends one day.

As everyone was fighting, another creature --a giant ground sloth, appeared and destroyed all the food they had left. This made Scott and Eve even more certain they were in the past, though there were plenty of skeptics.

Josh: Dude, what are you talking about?
Scott: Obviously, the introduction to time travel is a lot to take in.

The time-travel twist is so fun. It wasn't what I was originally expecting, but with all these creatures and other clues, it makes the mystery of how they're getting back home even more interesting.

If they're going to survive down there, they need to hunt.

That proved to be dangerous, though. Ty and Eve found a rabbit, but a bear found them and chased them to a cave and barricaded them in there.

The two of them learned to work with their enemies for the greater good when they ran into Lucas and Mary Beth in the cave. Mother and son caused so many issues arguing with each other and with Ty and Eve.

Ty: There’s got to be another way, just like your mom says.
Lucas: How do you know she’s my mom?
Ty: No one argues like family, mate.

Lucas hates his mom because she shot his dad. Marybeth is a cop, so it could have been in self-defense. He could have been hurting her -- both members of the Hayes family struggle with their tempers and control issues.

At least Marybeth tried to put her control issues aside to work with the others to get out of the cave. She cared that they all made it out of there safely.

Ty used his survival skills and found a way through the water.

It was what they found on the other side that horrified them and made them wonder if they were ever getting rescued.

I’m not dying in this cave. I’m going to find a way out.


It's so hard to survive without hope, thinking you are going to die because of lack of food or that these primitive creatures will eat you first. It's the essence of the hunt. Kill or be killed.

The survivors will have to learn to gather other food, or they will not survive long and be like those other bodies they found.

Over to you, TV Fanatics.

Were you shocked that Eve and Levi had an affair?

Do you think Levi is trapped in the past too?

How long do you think the survivors will last?

Let us know in the comments below.

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La Breas airs at 9/8 c on Tuesdays on NBC.



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