Wednesday, 27 October 2021

TERMS: Repetition, Imagery, Vernacular, Simile, Adage, Foreshadowing, etc

Repetition: "...this rich heart that has loved you, this proud heart that has savoured and enjoyed"

"I… I… I knew it"

"Where… where… where is Yoko"

Adage: "When the loins of a husband catch fire, that fire must be quenched instantly"

"When the bleeding heart yearns for love, the tongue, hands, feet and lips are never still…"

Simile: "Look, my brother, reasoning with a woman like Yoko is like telling a charging ram in mid-flight to hold its peace". "It's all wrinkled like the buttocks of an old woman".

"Yes, you loved her. It was like rearing a sacrificial lamb".

Imagery: "…and the water-shipped by the earth" 

"It's the parrot-with-the-big-words, the Governor's messenger"

"…and deep felt gratitude for this unprecedented reception accorded me"


"My little wife Jeneba, bisie, Kabulyena?"

"Ka bi ngewo ma"

"Jilo, Nyande, bia-na?"

"Ngo Lansana bisie; o bi gahu?"

Foreshadowing: "Never did I fall to honour the rich memory of my ancestors. So they have visited me in my sleep several times these past nights from across the rivers, some riding on the high wings of red eagles and holding in their hands white cocks. They implore me to join them."

"And last night my dead father came. I saw his face again and that beard resting on his strong chest bedecked with those same powers and charms. He said 'Gbanya' and I answered. 'Come to me' he said again, 'come over'. I must go. Yes, I must go very-soon.

But how will I enter the land of my brave forefathers?". messenger brought the message of tax to Yoko who agrees to obey tax imposition. The governor also sent Yoko to go crown two chiefs in Taiama. Then Lansana was dragged to Yoko's palace. Then Jeneba was declared missing.

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