The Baby-Sitters Club is officially back in business.

A lot has changed since we last saw them at Camp Mohawk last season

The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 Episode 1 caught us up to date and introduced us to Season 2's new way of storytelling. While Season 1 of The Baby-Sitters Club followed the books more closely, Season 2 follows them loosely often picking a theme and focusing on that.

These Season 2 episodes still features the heart of the series, but if you're a diehard fan of the books, you will notice differences. Let's discuss the changes Kristy and her friends have dealt with.

In "Kristy and the Snobs,"  the episode stayed fairly close to the book. Kristy struggled with belonging in her new family and rich neighborhood. David Michael still loses his beloved dog, Louie. As a dog lover, that storyline makes me cry.

Many kids struggle with a parent getting remarried, especially if they have to move. While Kristy didn't move far, she moved into a rich neighborhood where she didn't feel comfortable.

She was used to a simple life, not elaborate weekend breakfasts. Often the new home doesn't feel like home because the stepparents are trying too hard and it just feels awkward.

it was all really nice, but to me, family was when you could put your feet up and eat dry cereal out of the box with your hands. This was not that no matter how much fruit salad my mom made.


Kristy felt so lost in the mansion. At one point, she didn't even know where the bowls were kept when she wanted a midnight snack. Watson tried to reassure her she was welcome to anything.

However, sometimes it just takes time for a new place to feel like home and to feel like you can help yourself to snacks or borrow a sweater without asking.

You know you can always talk to me, right? Anytime you want.


It didn't help when a snobby kid named invited Kristy and her mom for tea and her mom made them feel like it was horrible that Liz Thomas worked and she should be grateful she met Watson Brewer.

There is nothing wrong with a single mom working to support her four children. Liz Thomas installed responsibility in them, so much so that Kristy is a fierce and savvy businesswoman like her mom. Both mother and daughter were horrified and offended that the Delaneys implied the Thomases won the lottery.

At the Baby-Sitters Club's first meeting, Dawn made a joke that she returned from California as a new person. This was the way the series introduced Kyndra Sanchez as the new Dawn. Kristy welcomed Mallory and Jessi into the group.

We’ve all grown this past year, physically, personally, and most importantly in number.


Jessi, but especially Mallory seemed in awe of the older girls. She already had trouble knowing when to shut up. She shared that Logan kissed Mary Anne three times at camp. Stacey and Claudia were determined to see if he still liked Mary Anne.

Poor Mary Anne is still shy. She's not used to having all this attention on her. She wanted to know too like any 13-year-old girl, but she wasn't ready to be overly flirty.

Stacey and  Claudia wanted to stalk him on social media. Dawn suggested analyzing their astrological signs.

Kristy had the right idea. What was wrong with a simple text message just to say hello? If Logan already liked Mary Anne at camp, he wouldn't stop that quickly. When did middle school dating become this complicated?

While Kristy detested the Delaneys, as a professional, she should not have been rude to them when they called for a sitter. She put Mrs. Delaney on hold while she complained about them. Hopefully, she didn't hear anything.

Kristy, she's just a snob. You're the professional one. You got this.


Amanda treated Kristy like a maid, bossing her around. Kristy used reverse psychology on her inviting her over to her use to meet her cute brother since Amanda was boy crazy.

Amanda showed her human side when she met David Michael. She actually showed compassion when he talked about how much he missed their dog, Louie. Amanda hated how her mom only related to pets and pushed her off on babysitters.

David Michael: Do you like animals?
Amanda: More than people sometimes.

Kristy realized that Amanda was a lonely little girl and she shouldn't have judged her so harshly. She didn't realize what an impact she had on Amanda until Watson revealed how much fun Amanda had at their house.

You never know how lonely someone else is and how you can help them. The Delaneys proved they had a heart when they offered a new puppy to Kristy and David Michael to help them cope with the loss of Louie. In the book, it was the Kilbourne's, who were also snobby.

Even though she no longer had Mary Anne and Claudia right next door, Kristy learned that part of fitting in was acting as she belonged there. This is an important lesson for fitting in blended families and new neighborhoods.

She finally got to enjoy having the Baby-Sitters Club over for an end-of-the-summer party and even did Mary Anne a favor by inviting Logan to join them. That was a nice lowkey way for Logan and Mary Anne to meet up again without it being a flirty date.

Season 2 of The Baby-Sitters Club was still charming. It features feel-good entertainment in 30-minute episodes, so it's an easy series to binge with your children. It's also that perfect series to bring back nostalgia from the 90s.

The ultimate message of The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 remains the same as Season 1 -- girls can do anything as long as they stick together.

Over to you, TV Fanatics. What do you think of the Baby-Sitters Club return? Werre you a diehard fan and want the series to follow the books more closely? What stories would you like to see? Chime in below in the comments.

The Baby-Sitters Club is streaming now on Netflix.



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