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Poor Shammy finally got another shot at the spotlight, but it turned out to be under horrible circumstances.

T.C.'s lieutenant hired Magnum and Higgins to find a homeless veteran who had gone missing on Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 12.

Unfortunately, things turned out badly for Dart, as they do for too many vets who have PTSD.

Fortunately, being Magnum P.I., the case went light on the lectures and focused more on what happened to Dart.

It even seemed pretty simple earlier after another homeless man recalled that a man in a Jaguar got into a shoving match with Dart. Like a Jag isn't going to stand out in a homeless encampment.

Dart's prized possession, a wedding band, led to Lucy, the wife he left behind and the wealthy, Jag-driving man who is now in her life. That seemed pretty cut-and-dried that Martin had something to do with Dart's disappearance.

It was heartwrenching to listen to Lucy describe her life with Karl/Dart, which fell apart after one too many tours of duty left him in a bad way.

The fact that she had seen him recently, and he had spurned her, brought all that pain back to the surface.

The fact that Martin hadn't revealed his visit to the encampment to Lucy sure made him look guilty. But he honestly tried to help Dart, agreeing that he and Lucy would leave Dart alone and giving him a prepaid debit card to help him survive.

Sure, part of that was self-interest. Martin wanted Lucy to himself and spare her pain by helping her look ahead, not back.

But buying off his significant other's homeless ex did seem a little sketchy.

However, that debit card was the only way Thomas and Juliet had to track Dart. Only that ultimately led them to the only place where they didn't want to find Dart -- in the morgue.

Poor Shammy. He was trying to do a fellow vet a solid, but he was too late to save him.

Magnum and Higgins had found an eyewitness to the hit-and-run that killed Dart: the Good Samaritan who stole Dart's debit card.

They vowed to Shammy that they would find Dart's murderer. And wouldn't you know it, the case threw them both back in contact with Lia.

Lia was still suffering the aftereffects of being outed as a crimelord's daughter. And, yes, she should have been upfront with everyone about who she was rather than having it trickle out as gossip.

But Magnum was wrong to feel offended. Their relationship was more of a physical one, not one in which they spilled their deep, dark secrets to each other in the early morning hours.

Juliet tried to help them patch things up by making herself scarce whenever Thomas and Lia were together. But the writing has been on the wall since, say, when Higgins broke up with Ethan.

It took half the season to get both single again. So let's not rush the two of them together.

With Thomas, Juliet, and Lia joining professionally, it took no time to determine that Dart was the victim of an insurance scam. Especially after a woman came barging in seeking a death certificate before Dart's body was even cold.

It was simple to find her accomplice. He would be the guy who insured a homeless vet for $3 million and was later located shot dead on his floor.

And since only two women beside Lucy had been introduced, the guilty party would naturally be the older volunteer at the encampment who left her fingerprint on a bullet.

Speaking of dumb moves, usually Rick's specialty, didn't the well-meaning T.C. make more than a few?

He decided that Cade was wasting his potential just working at La Mariana. Cade needed to go back to school and be with other kids his age.

Never mind that Cade had his reasons for living on the streets from which T.C. had taken him in. It wasn't like institutional options such as the foster-care system worked better for him.

Life was simpler when T.C. found himself abandoned. Sign on the dotted line and see the world.

As T.C. discovers, now there's this requirement called mandatory reporting designed to scuttle arrangements such as he and Cade had.

He got too specific and put Katsumoto, a mandatory reporter as a cop, in a tricky spot.

Then Cade explained to him that the main reason he didn't want to return to school was that a teacher was forced to report on him after his mother left, causing him to be thrust into a bad foster-care situation.

So, because T.C. wanted to help Cade get ahead with a good education, he had inadvertently caused him to go back to the streets.

Fortunately, Rick came up with a rare good idea. T.C. served as Cade's foster dad all along, so why not make it official? Cade literally embraced that arrangement.

Now, this should be interesting as both Rick and T.C. prepare to enter fatherhood officially.

T.C. has already proven he can do it. Rick remains a work in progress.

To follow T.C. and Cade's relationship, watch Magnum P.I. online.

Should Magnum and Higgins get together?

Like the absent Ethan, will we ever see Lia again?

Were you at all surprised that T.C. stepped up for Cade?

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