Kindo’s Patriotism in the Blood of a Stranger by Dele Charley


The Blood of a Stranger is written by Dele Charley. a Sierra Leonean author and playwright who lived between 1948 and 1993. He was an African patriot as seen in the drama “the Blood of a Stranger”. From beginning till the end, he wore Kindo his attire of patriotism.

The Blood of a Stranger is a drama that took the readers back to the colonial era where the hearts of African rulers or kings were soaked with greed. Such greed led them to giving in to exploitations of the colonial entities.

Kindo’s Patriotism

Patriotism does’nt bow to threats or suprior powers. As seen in the drama, Whitehead seemed more superior and had more powerful backups but their threats were mere chicken winds to Kindo’s actions; he stood his ground. His patriotism not only portrayed Kindo as a true wardlord, It revealed him as a capable heir to the throne of Mandoland.


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