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Frequently Asked Questions On

With the love in you and that in Naija Poets, we'll make internet the best place to read and write.

(1) What is all about?

Please, check our About Naijapoets page for information on that.

(2) Why am I having problem with the captcha?

When register, login or comment; you must respond fast because the captcha expects you to respond within a very limited time.

(3) Why do I have problem of login?

(i) Maybe you have forgotten your username or password (ii) Maybe you have not confirmed your email (iii) Maybe you are not answering the captcha quickly and correctly.

(4) How do I confirm my email?

Visit the email account you used in registering on, view the message sent from and click on the login link in the message to confirm your email and be able to login to

(5) Can my post be published without been reviewed?

Yes. You must have earned the trust of team that you are not a spammer or violator before such can be possible.

(6) Can I post someone else's article, poem or written work?

I strongly advise that you make your post original. You can only write a review on someone else's article, poem or written work.

(7) What is my monetary reward for posting my article or poem on is like a community. We do not pay anyone money to post on

(8) How do I benefit from posting on

(i) Your post will quickly been seen by many viewers and members. (ii) Your post will automatically be updated to our so many social network sites (iii) Your post in your blog and on is a prove that you are not placing your eggs in just a basket.

(9) I will love to have my post on the front page for a very long period

Discuss it with team via or

(10) How do I place my advert on

Discuss it with team via or

(11) I want to report an abuse

Yes. Kindly let us know what happened by filling our Contact Us form or email us via or

(12) I want to know other rules and regulations

Kindly view our Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions
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