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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Poetry As A Passion

People handle poetry differently. Those passionate with the art now have countless means of showcasing their passion; poetry forum is one of those.

Before I make a few list of the poetry forums I participate, below are the principles necessary for building audience on poetry forum.

7 Principles For Building Audience

(1) The Principle of Friendship
Your audience or readers shouldn't just be random people on the forum; it is necessary they are your friends or they become your online friends. 

Study them, study their reactions, understand their expectations in terms of poetry. The best way to do it is to reach out one-on-one.

(2) The Principle of Direction
I can boldly refer to myself as a poet_ professional or amateur is not of importance to me. Though I try my hands on all sorts of poetry forms yet I'm considered a rhyme-loving kind of poets; therefore, my readers are those who cherish poetry that seems musical. 

Having a well defined direction is a good way to build poetry audience.

(3) The Principle of Value
Make it a pledge to always add value to your audience and readers. 

If the poetry you produce holds what, then your audience will linger longer until the case of readers who treat your poetry like a one night stand. 

I will rather have 10 readers who engage or relate well with my poetry than 10,000,000 prying eyes pretending to be readers.

(4) The Principle of Referral
As a poet, your readers are your best asset; they stand in the position to make you or mar you. They talk, they react, they praise, they condemn. 

If your poetry displeases your readers, they don't just neglect it instead they tell people how annoying your poetry is. If your poetry pleases them, they don't just keep it to themselves, they refer people to be part if the pleasure. My point here is that, don't just beg readers to share your poetry, give them the reason to do so by writing highly interesting poem.

(5) The Principle of Reciprocity
The fact of Do-Me-I-Do-You is applicable to building a lasting audience. You must create times to connect with whatever poem they have crafted. This is very important if you expect someone who gets to you to stick with you.

(6) The Principle of Availability
What good is a friend who will not be there when needed? Many organization and companies now understand the value of availability to the point that they don't joke with feedbacks and live-chat. 

You can remain available by constantly publishing and engaging with your readers.

(7) The Principle of Time
Actually, this one is broad. It requires you determine when your readers engage the most with your poetry. It also requires time to build reliable readership amidst the huge competition.

Recommended Poetry Forums

There are many poetry forums available online for free. If you're interested, search for the following URL: Hellopoetry, poetrycircle, familyfriendpoems, allpoetry, everypoet, etc.

Enunwa Chukwudinma S.
aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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