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Relate the title of the poem ambush to the theme of frustrated dream WAEC MAY/JUNE 2017
To answer this question, we must shed light on the title of the poem, then explain the theme of frustrated dream before relating the title and the theme. To start with the title, The title symbolized the various unfair acts perpetrated by “the land” using the giant whale, the giant hawk, the sabre-toothed tiger.

“The land“ frustrated the dwellers ambition hopelessly and deceitfully. “The land” in the poem “Ambush” by Gbemisola Adeoti is symbolized by the poet to paint the clear picture of frustration witnessed by the dwellers. From line 1-7, “the land” was compared to a giant whale denying the fishermen of the fishes they ought to catch by swallowing “the sinker with hook, line and bait”. In every human endeavor, there is always a target for success and the fishermen in the poem exemplified such by aiming at certain number of fish to be caught at the end of their expedition; to their utmost chagrin the giant whale frustrated their targeted success and made them returned home empty handed.

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