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THE SUBJECT MATTER: A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal by Williams Wordsworth relates to the feeling of shock and numbness experienced by the poet at the death of Lucy as well as his feeling of loss. From the context of the poem, Wordsworth believes that Lucy has gone to live another life; he believes that he now lives with nature, rocks, stones, trees, etc.
THE THEMES: We shall mention few of the themes in the poem which the first one is immortality; Williams Wordsworth immortalized Lucy by stating that she lives in nature after her physical death. The second theme to mention is the theme of lose through death and the sorrows that follow. The death of Lucy left the poet so shallow and in great pain to the extent that he had to resolve to euphemize her death to a mere geographical relocation. The third theme is nature. Apart from the fact that concept of Lucy's death gave the poem a sense of reality, the images of nature and natural things added to it.
THE LANGUAGE AND STYLE: Descriptions and statements are made in very plain manner. The language of the poem is very simple. "Slumber" is used in the sense of inactivity referring to the shock or dazed condition of the poet . "Divinal" referred to Lucy's everlasting union with earth in its daily routi

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