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Are you thinking of having a clearer idea of the poem "Young Africa's Plea" by Dennis Osadebay? Here is review regarding to the poem.

The poet:-

Dennis Osadebay is a Nigerian author, poet, and lawyer. He received his university education in the United Kingdom, where he was called to Bar. At a certain point, Osadebay was the Premier of the Mid-West Region of Nigeria.

The surface meaning:-

As the title of the poem suggests, the poem speaker is seen begging for his freedom of choice and his freedom of association. The is culturally inclined and somewhat relates to the issue of human race and difference in colour.

The poem speaker addresses some abstract subjects (the African rulers) warning them not to push his culture aside like something out-of-date in other "to suit" an alien culture. The poem speaker further pleads for the opportunity to be allowed to live with both culture on a balanced scale; believing that in such way he will "have untrammelled growth" and his friends will not regret he did leave with both culture because he will always keep them in the best part of his mind.

The Line-By-Line Summary:-

Line 1-3, you should not throw my culture, customs and believes into the bin like something expired so as to favor the colonialists customs.

Line 4-6, because such newly imbibed colonialists culture can never be better than mine.

Line 7-9, allow me to work with both customs and ideologies by managing the new culture with my African sense of reasoning.

Line 10-13, this way I'll easily be able to mingle and level up with the whole world and be a very better human.

Line 14-16, have you ever wondered why those who look down on me in public fear my strength in private of their hearts? It's because they know I have abilities and "I am no less a man"

Line 17-20, allow me this freedoms, and I'll make sure that my friends don't regret I'm living with two different cultural ideologies.

The Style, Preoccupation and Structure:-

Young Africa's Plea by Dennis Osadebay is another beautiful cultural poem. It gives in line with poems like Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara, Anvil and the Hammer by Kofi Awoonor; what differentiated this poem is that it begs for the opportunity to live with both cultures amicably. It has a simple style and the dictions are very easy to understand. 

Dennis Osadebay was so preoccupied with the fear of loosing the values in his African culture to the European culture and from the second person point of view, he begged to be allowed the privilege to live with both cultures than favoring one for the other. The poem is structured with no specific end rhyme pattern or rhythm. It is a straight single stanza poem of 20 lines that flow from head down to toe.

The Figures of Speech:-

It is no doubt that poetic devices are one among the flavors of any good poem and this poem has loads of beautifying figures of speech. 

"Let me" is a repetition in the poem used to emphasize the mood of the poem, there as well, there is a simile in line 2, "As some fine curios", imageries, symbolisms "white historians" which implies the European colonialists and the "black man" which implies an African, plenty of alliterations; line 7, 8, etc.

Few words in the poem to be explained are:-

1) curios in line two, they are things which serve as a reminder of the past.
2) tastes in line three, means liking.
3) talents in line thirteen, means the natural abilities.
4) untrammelled growth in line seventeen, the opportunity to develop without restraints of any kind.

The Themes:-

The theme of cultural differences, where the poets doesn't deny the usefulness of the new culture but requests the two be used together to make him a better man. 

The theme of friendship, where the poets aims his actions towards things that will gladden his friends and make them proud of him. The theme of colonialism and volatility of African leadership in such era: "Don't preserve my customs/ As some fine curios/ To suit some white historian's tastes" (line 1-3)

The Poem:-

Don't preserve my customs
As some fine curios
To suit some white historian's tastes.
There's nothing artificial
That beats the natural way,
In culture and ideals of life.
Let me play with the white man's ways,
Let me work with the black man's brains,
Let my affairs themselves sort out.
Then in sweet rebirth
I'll rise a better man,
Not ashamed to face the world.
Those who doubt my talents
In secret fear my strength;
They know I am no less a man.
Let them show their noble sides,
Let me have untrammelled growth.
My friends will never know regret
And I, never once forget.
Copyright © Dennis Osadebay, all rights reserved.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The electric revolution is no longer limited to daily drivers and eco-commuters. Luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche have already begun augmenting their lineups with EV variants, while hypercar makers like Lamborghini and Ferrari expect their first electrics to arrive in the next few years. On Tuesday, British automaker Lotus announced that it too has an EV, the 600HP Eletre, with deliveries beginning next year in China, Europe and the UK.

Lotus Eletre exterior

Developed under the codename Type 132, the Eletre "takes the heart and soul of the latest Lotus sports car – the Emira – and the revolutionary aero performance of the all-electric Evija hypercar, and reinterprets them as a Hyper-SUV," according to the company's press release. It also accomplishes a number of firsts, the release continued: "first five-door production car, the first model outside sports car segments, the first lifestyle EV, the most ‘connected’ Lotus ever."

The Eletre was developed atop Lotus' 800V Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) platform. That voltage puts it on par with the Audi e-Tron and Hyundai Ioniq 5, meaning that on a 350 kW DC fast charger, drivers will be able to add around 248 miles of range in a 20 minute charge, according to the company. Lotus hasn't specified how big the battery will be beyond that it "has a battery capacity that’s over 100 kWh" but the company is estimating a total range of 373 miles, equivalent to that of the Tesla Model X Long Range Plus. Its dual front and rear motors will reportedly output 600 horsepower producing a top speed of 161 MPH and a sub-3 second 0-60.      

Lotus Eletre exterior

Ben Payne led development of the Eletre's exterior design, which features "porous" aerodynamics, a low stance atop the platform's long wheelbase with short overhangs at either end. "The Eletre is a progressive all-electric performance vehicle embodying emotion, intelligence and prestige and, as the first of the brand’s lifestyle cars, it sets the standard for what will follow," he said. "We have taken the iconic design language of the Lotus sports car and successfully evolved it into an elegant and exotic Hyper-SUV.”  

The interior will offer either the traditional two-buckets-and-a-bench layout or an optional four individual seats, front and rear, beneath a fixed panoramic sunroof. The material choices for the cabin reflect Lotus' net-zero goals, with "durable man-made microfibres on the primary touchpoints, and an advanced wool-blend fabric on the seats," while the hard parts are constructed from little bits of carbon fiber recycled from the edge of weaves rather than being made specially.      

Lotus Eletre exterior

The infotainment system is a whole production. "Below the instrument panel a blade of light runs across the cabin, sitting in a ribbed channel that widens at each end to create the air vents," Tuesday's announcement read. This light blade serves as part of the vehicle's HMI and changes color to alert occupants of important events like incoming calls. 

Below that is a 30mm tall "ribbon of technology." On the driverside, that ribbon serves as the instrument cluster, displaying vehicle and trip information, which can also be displayed via the AR system, which comes standard. On the passenger side, a second ribbon shows relevant contextual information like the nearby points of interest or the current music selection which plays through a KEF Premium 1,380-watt 15-speaker surround sound set-up with Uni-QTM. 

Lotus Eletre exterior

Between these two ribbons sits a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen infotainment system that folds away when not in use. While most of the cabin controls are digital and can be used either through the touchscreen or voice interfaces, Lotus deemed some functions vital enough to warrant being mirrored to physical knobs and switches so drivers won't have to dig through submenus to turn on the windshield wipers. Even those digital controls, Lotus boasts that "with three touches of the main screen users can access 95 percent of the car’s functionality."


The Eletre is also the first vehicle on the market with a deployable LIDAR array. Used to supplement the driver assist system the unit pops up from the top of the windscreen, top of the rear glass and the front wheel arches — like the headlights from a 1990 MX-5 — when in use and then retracts when finished to maintain aerodynamics. 

"ADAS technologies such as LIDAR sensors and cameras will become increasingly common on new cars as we move into a more autonomous era, and to have the world’s first deployable LIDAR system on the Eletre is a signal of the technology vision we have for Lotus," said Maximilian Szwaj, Vice President of Lotus Technology and Managing Director, LTIC. "This car has tech for today, and also for tomorrow, as it’s been developed to accept OTA updates as standard."

Lotus Eletre exterior

Manufacturing begins later this year at Lotus' new production plant in Wuhan, China with deliveries beginning in 2023. The model will be available first in China, Europe and the UK. The company hasn't disclosed pricing details yet.


You might be mistaken for thinking Rode already made headphones. And that’s fair enough, it feels like something the company would already be doing. Yet, here we are with the first set from the Australian brand, the NTH-100. The $150 over-ear headphones might have been a long time coming, but if you’ve been following the company over the last couple of years, you’ll know it’s making a conscious effort to dominate the podcast and streaming world, and that’s who these headphones are aimed at.

At a glance, the NTH-100 seem pretty straightforward. An all-black pair of studio headphones with no Bluetooth or noise cancellation frills. Just a comfortable set of wired cans designed for home studio use. And for the most part, that’s exactly what they are, but Rode has tried to add enough details here to make them stand out in an otherwise busy segment.

Rode states that the drivers in the NTH-100 have been designed for accurate frequency response which makes sense if you are pitching these to streamers and creators. They certainly don’t sound overly loaded at the lower end and the mid-highs don’t artificially stand out which can often be the case in this category.

In fact, the NTH-100 sound surprisingly neutral. I was expecting them to be weighted toward… something, but they don’t seem to be doing much to the source material at all. I’ve worn them for everything from Zoom calls to Podcast recording and of course endless music listening and they serve each of these purposes well. I particularly like them for monitoring. I’m not sure why, but my dull voice seems to be accurately dull when I listen through these and I appreciate their honesty (it allows me to better spice it up at the edit stage, which is the whole point).

A very handsome man is pictured wearing the Rode NTH-100 headphones.
James Trew / Engadget

They also aren’t distracting to look at and that’s no bad thing. Bar the small circular gold Rode logo the only other aesthetic detail is the overly large “Ø” debossed into the side of each matte earcup (in gloss). It’s a little too large for my taste and feels a little conspicuous in an otherwise understated design but given it’s also black it doesn’t spoil their discreet look too much.

Neutral and discreet is cool and all but surely there’s a little seasoning here to make them interesting? And there is, mostly in their comfort. The Alcantara covering on the earpads feels luxurious, but it’s the “CoolTech” gel underneath that is the real treat. Rode states that this makes them colder on the ears and thus reduces wearing fatigue. I was skeptical, but when I put them on they really do feel noticeably chilly and that makes a big difference. Given these are aimed at editors, creators and streamers it’s entirely possible you’ll be wearing them for longer stretches so details like this can make a difference.

Likewise, a clever detail called “FitLock” removes the need to adjust them every time you put them on. Once you have them set just right, there’s a locking clip that will prevent them from accidentally re-adjusting them every time you handle them. It actually took me a little bit to get used to the idea that I might not have to check if they are positioned right every time I put them on.

Given that you’ll likely be wearing these at a desk, Rode saw fit to make sure you can attach the cable on either side. It’s a small detail, but one that can quickly induce buyer’s remorse if you have to decide between reorganizing your desk to have your audio interface on the other side or dealing with awkward cable spaghetti.

Rode's NTH-100 headphones are pictured alongside a Rode podcasting microphone.
James Trew / Engadget

What’s less of a surprise is that Rode has designed the NTH-100 to slot right into its existing creator ecosystem. If you own a Rodecaster Pro or use Rode Connect or maybe just bought the “Colors” accessory for your NT-USB Mini you’ll know that the company is centering a lot of its products around multi-person podcasting and streaming and including colorful ways to mark which microphone (or headphones) belong to which audio channel and/or host . The NTH-100 are no exception with color tags included in the box.

If you want to take that a step further, or merely want to customize them a little so they’re not entirely black you will also be able to buy replacement cables in each of Rode’s four bright chosen colors. That’s an extra spend though of course.

All in all for $150 everything feels decidedly more expensive. The plastic material on the earcups might not be the most luxurious, but the overall build and sound quality should make them an appealing choice for those looking for something comfortable while getting some work done.

The NTH-100 are available starting today.


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How do you get abs fast?

If you want to blitz your core quickly, use the instructions below - however, we remind you once again that to achieve cubes, you must genuinely love doing abdominal exercises and train the press at least 3-4 times a week:

1. Reduce belly fat

The body's fat level for drawing the press is individual - for someone, it's 7%, and for someone, the press is noticeable even at 15% fat. Depending on this, strategies for losing weight also differ.

2. Correct your posture

A sedentary lifestyle provokes changes in posture. As a result - abdominal muscles relax.

Of course, it won't help to get abs and probably lead to pain in the neck, spine, and lower back. To correct such violations, do workouts to improve your posture.

3. Strengthen your core muscles

It is a mistake to perceive the press exclusively in the form of a rectus muscle located on the front surface of the abdomen. In addition to it, there are oblique abdominal muscles. For women, side turns are suitable for pumping them.

4. Build your inner abs

Most ab workouts develop the outer layer of abs with little or no involvement of the inner abs. However, these muscles form a toned stomach.

The best exercises for pumping the internal press are the plank and the abdominal vacuum breathing exercise.

5. Get your abs right

Pumping cubes requires training for hypertrophy - exercises in a multi-repetition mode (for example, one hundred twists) will not bring any result.

The acceptable limit will be 10-12 repetitions, subject to the correct technique.

6. Develop the connection between muscles and the brain

To get rock-hard abs, you must learn to control your abdominal muscles and use them when doing workouts. If you can keep your abs consciously tense during crunches, this will greatly increase the effectiveness of this exercise.


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The 5 favorite networks to find sponsored post opportunities for bloggers and social media influencers:


Clever is one of my all-time favorite influencer networks.

It has a lot of projects available at any time, both for blogging and social media.

The social media promotions are usually for Twitter and Facebook, so you might be required to post to both platforms.

Each campaign will have a specific set of instructions depending on the brand, its products or services, etc.

Follow the directions, including any messaging and imagery required for completion, and you’ll get paid within a month or two from Clever.

Most of these campaigns pay anywhere from $25 to $75, just for some social media posting.


Massive Sway comes from Sway Group, a network of digital influencer companies in the United States and Canada.

This one is very active, too, with several campaigns going on at once.

Many of them are for bloggers, but there are also some that are only for social media promotions, usually noted as “Amplifications.”

Most of these campaigns might also request for an Instagram or Twitter post in addition to Facebook and pay anywhere from $50 to $100.


IZEA has been around a while and usually has several social media sponsored posts available at any time.

This one requires you to bid on available campaigns, so you may not get top dollar for your work.

However, you never have to settle for any campaigns that are below your desired rate either.

Clients can also send you direct offers if they want, which you can accept or deny via your dashboard.


Activate is a super active influencer network that does a lot of food-related campaigns, but there are others too.

Campaigns will designate whether they’re meant for sponsored blog posts or social media posts.

Some campaigns will have a set payment, while others will ask you to quote your desired price for the work described.

Be sure to also write a note for each campaign that tells the client why you’re the best influencer for the job to help you get approved.


Tomoson is the network I’ve used the longest.

It used to be only about free products in exchange for blog reviews or social media posts, but the platform now allows influencers to get paid for their work too.

This network focuses on specific products that you’ll promote to your audience.

Be sure to look for campaigns that give both a free product and compensation for your time.


Last but not least, you can always consider writing a Facebook eBook using your expertise of everything you’ve learned about the network!

The ironic thing is that your Facebook profile or page can also work to promote the book!

Kindle Direct Publishing is probably the easiest way to go about publishing your own book.

It’s a service provided by Amazon that makes eBook creation, selling, and marketing about as simple as possible.

Your book will be in front of all Amazon customers, plus you can create whatever sales price you want and you get to retain all rights to your book.

It’s free to publish and you can make up to 70% of your sales after Amazon takes its cut of the sales price.

The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to get your book published on the platform, and you can typically see it up for sale within 48 hours!


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 2022-04-16 15:30

England – FA Cup
Manchester City – Liverpool FC – Over 1.5 goals

2022-04-16 17:30
Italy – Serie A
Juventus Turin – Bologna FC – 1

2022-04-16 19:45
Italy – Serie A
Lazio – Torino FC – 1x

England– Premier League

Tottenham – Brighton & Hove Albion – (Draw no bet) Tottenham

2022-04-16 15:00
England – Premier League
Southampton FC – Arsenal FC – x2

2022-04-16 17:15
England – League One
Wigan Athletic – Cambridge United – 1

2022-04-16 14:30
Germany – Bundesliga
Borussia Dortmund – VfL Wolfsburg – (Draw no bet) Borussia Dortmund

2022-04-16 14:30
Germany – Bundesliga
SC Freiburg – VfL Bochum – 1

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