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Analysis of A Gravestone by William Allingham

The Poet

William Allingham (1824 - 1889) was a poet born in County Dogedal, Ireland. In terms of his writing style, he was known for crafting lyrical verses as shown in the poem "A Gravestone".

The Analysis

When it comes to poetry in general, the theme of life and death cannot be ruled out as part of the common themes.

From the context of the poem, the memory of dead ones keeps depreciating right from the moment they're laid in their graves_ we lawn our surroundings regularly, we polish our floors and homes regularly, we care for our dwelling places day-in-day out; yet the tiny place of rest provided the dead loved ones are lonely watched over by "...sea and sky alone/ And sunsets".

Q and A: Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad


"On the lower deck in the babel of two hundred voices he would forget himself, and beforehand live in his mind the sea life of light literature"

The character referred to in the excerpt from Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim is ______
A. Talking
B. Sleeping
C. Reading a literature book
D. Day-dreaming


Literature-In-English JAMB Question


D. Day-dreaming
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