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Mama Ruth and Beneatha in A Raisin in Sun

Question;- How are Mama, Ruth and Beneatha portrayed in the play [WAEC May June 2017]

Answer;- In 1957, Lorraine Hansberry crafted a drama that will forever remind generations of African-Americans of their ancestral hunger for higher social status in the midst of poverty; the drama being A Raisin in the Sun.

The drama saw the poor Younger family witnessed competing dreams from every member of the family in anticipation for the $10,000 insurance check.

In examining Mama, Ruth and Beneatha, despite their contrasting traits and characters, the one biding similarity is that they were all dreamers.

Kindo As A Warlord In The Blood Of A Stranger

Question;- Examine the role of Kindo as a warlord in The Blood of a Stranger by Dele Charley [WAEC MAY JUNE 2016] 

Answer;- One of the dramas that attempted to point the past events of colonial exploitation in Africa is the Blood of a Stranger written by Dele Charley, a Sierra Leonean author and playwright. Before his death in the year 1993, he had contributed largely to literature in Africa and beyond. 

One of such contribution is the Blood of a Stranger which has remained widely accepted. 
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